Did Sexism Cost Serena Williams U.S. Open Title? | The View

  • Published on:  9/10/2018


  • dinmorful
    dinmorful 9 days ago

    they say that they watch a lot of tennis, perhaps they do but they clearly dont know what went on or know the rules.

  • kidder lar
    kidder lar 1 months ago

    justified! perfect example for the kids

  • kidder lar
    kidder lar 1 months ago

    kill kill kill the white man

  • Yuri Orloff
    Yuri Orloff 1 months ago

    Nothing controversial about it. Serena got crushed by a younger, quicker, better opponent, and then melted down when the world didn't coddle her wounded feelings.

  • Treebeard
    Treebeard 1 months ago

    Ultimately the fault is with the chair umpire. Ramos should NEVER have cited Serena for a coaching violation. Naomi's coach was also doing it and it's one of those things that is overlooked in general. (this is an important fact) Ramos had balls to cite Serena for that during a Grand Slam final. There is a lot on the line financially or otherwise during a Grand Slam Final and it is his responsibility that things run smoothly for the fans and the audience. He didn't do that. So... In essence... "he started it."
    Backstory: Serena's coach was definitely trying to communicate with Serena, but it doesn't even seem like Serena noticed it. Again, this sort of thing is common place and is rarely cited. What most people don't understand is that ON COURT coaching is allowed at smaller tournaments (not coaching from the stands as happened here). Many players can call their coaches out onto the court during a match for specific lengths of time. It is WELL KNOWN that neither Venus nor Serena EVER call for the coach at these tournaments. Serena never wants help from her coach even when it's allowed while most other players do. Because this is a known fact about Serena, I think she felt especially offended by this daring violation call by Carlos Ramos.
    Serena did NOT handle this situation well at all. I am a huge Serena fan, but she acted terribly towards Ramos for sure. She was arrogant, irrational, and belligerent. I'm not so sure this warranted the third violation that would cost her a game..... AGAIN AT A GRAND SLAM FINAL. He was clearly pissed and also acted badly in issuing this violation.
    So.... while they both acted badly, for me... Carlos Ramos insulted Serena about coaching that she never even accepts when it's allowed. A few hand signals that every other coach does and is usually overlooked, should have been during an important match like this with so much on the line. This is why I ultimately fault Ramos for the events that transpired during the match.
    The USTA should refund all ticket holders at that final. None of that needed to happen and they were denied a proper, competitive, and enjoyable final at the hands of the Chair Umpire.

  • Kairy Veneret
    Kairy Veneret 2 months ago

    😂 wtf

  • New Forest
    New Forest 2 months ago

    Once again whoopsie makes about as much sense as a dog turd on beach sand

  • Juicy Dangla
    Juicy Dangla 2 months ago

    Her attitude was as toxic as this show.

  • wateri4
    wateri4 2 months ago

    How can you be sexist and racist in a all female match which you have serena (African american) and Naomi Osaka ( hataian japanese) . Wtf ?

  • Ego Twistick
    Ego Twistick 2 months ago

    The answer is no

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 2 months ago

    this is hilarious

  • Lord Teletubby Dipsy :*

    MGTOW Stay single men. It's always a man's fault. These types of women are never at fault.

  • Lord Teletubby Dipsy :*

    All men are evil! 👹

  • healpastlives.com
    healpastlives.com 2 months ago

    I have watched tennis since 1967 and have never seen such a disgraceful display of bad sportsmanship as this one from Williams in 2018. John McEnroe was defaulted from a match for LESS bad behavior than Serena displayed. Ramos, the chair umpire, should have defaulted her from the match and not just given Williams a game penalty.

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 2 months ago

    Black women are the must insufferable creatures on this planet.

  • Stewart Kee
    Stewart Kee 2 months ago+1

    It's insane listening to these women try to claim that it was anti female and racist and everyone's fault but Serena herself. Do they realise that we all saw what happened.

  • svtcontour
    svtcontour 2 months ago

    Should be called "the very narrow view" LOL

  • Bilbo Faggins
    Bilbo Faggins 2 months ago

    Ill save you guys time...Serena lost because of ref. men never apoligize. The ref was sexist. Serena is brave and passionate and gave "the joy back to osaka". Osaka deserved to win but serena didn't deserve to loose. The crowd booed osaka and thats the refs fault......wow, absolutely flawless logic.

  • lifehacker69
    lifehacker69 2 months ago+1


  • IlluminaZero
    IlluminaZero 2 months ago+1

    The only thing more sickening than Serena Williams was the crowd who brought shame to Naomi Osaka's victory. And these witches on the view have the audacity to defend this disgusting display? Fucking disgusting.