Primitive Technology: Palm Thatched Mud Hut

  • Published on:  7/20/2015
  • This is an old hut I built 2 years ago and have since demolished. It was a 2 m square floor with wattle and daub walls 1.5 m high topped with a pyramidal roof thatched with Alexander palm fronds. The building method is my usual plan- get a roof up first then build the walls. From start to finish it took 27 days (it could have been faster though- this was at a casual speed). This was the first wattle and daub hut I built and is larger than the other one I built later (my idea for now is to build small but well although I'll try larger huts again in future). The roof lasted for a few months before becoming rotten and bug eaten. As an important note the species of palm used in thatching makes all the difference. Had this hut been built in the mountain with wait-a-while palm fronds it would have lasted 2 years at least. Instead it was thatched with alexander palm fronds that deteriorated quickly. I wasn't to know this and was trying to adapt hut building practice I learned in the mountain to low land conditions (I've built similar huts up the mountain with the same roof shape that have lasted a long time). I hope in future videos to explore better roofing options to use in areas like this. Also of interest in the video is another pot I make showing more detail than previous videos. The fire place for the hut is a simple pit in the center of the floor. It is a good hut design though it requires a simple ladder to construct.Primitive Technology Blog: https://primitivetechnology.wordpress...Wordpress: https://primitivetechnology.wordpress...Patreon page: have no face book page. Beware of fake pages.


  • Crusader Jin
    Crusader Jin 4 years ago+2497

    There's something about him not talking that makes these videos so interesting.

  • Aewx
    Aewx a years ago+251

    Gameshow Host: if you could take one person to a stranded island who would it be??
    Me: Primitive Technology

    PITCHER a years ago+83

    No words and 7.4 million subs, that tells you something.

  • Merryweather
    Merryweather a years ago+44

    Turn on captions, he has been talking to us all along!

  • Shittopotamus Rex
    Shittopotamus Rex a years ago+788

    I heard he made his own cameras...

  • Joshua Ayers
    Joshua Ayers 3 years ago+1539

    All the sudden all those "survival shows" on discovery are a joke.

  • Tyler Gay
    Tyler Gay a years ago+318

    This guy walks around the wilderness shirtless and is unfazed. I step out my front door fully clothed and instantly get massacred by a swarm of mosquitos!!

  • DJ Syntic
    DJ Syntic a years ago+170

    I feel like this guy and Bear Grylls would get along great. Well except for the fact that Grylls likes to talk a lot.

  • Nastia
    Nastia a years ago+28

    The fact that he built something out of twigs and the string from tree pulp that could hold his own weight while he constructed the roof alone is magic.

  • Survival Luke
    Survival Luke a years ago+121

    This guy is gonna have no mud left near that creak because he used like 1000 pounds of it.

  • douglas carpenter
    douglas carpenter 3 years ago+1886

    Your videos put 95% of the other instructional video's to shame without uttering a single word. Bravo !!!

  • Rohit Parab
    Rohit Parab a years ago+14

    your pottery skills are awesome, would you show us how we can make a pottery wheel in that forest

  • ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼
    ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ a years ago+426

    i wonder if he ever dropped that rock on his foot 0_o

  • Litelland News
    Litelland News a years ago+37

    He should make a frying pan out of clay and make eggs

  • Feeblex Eve
    Feeblex Eve 8 months ago+6

    Him: wat da fuq is technology

  • Mike
    Mike 4 years ago+370

    None of that BS minute long intros and talking about unrelated personal issues. You just do it.
    That's probably why your videos are so mesmerizing. Keep up the good work.

  • Green Emerald Gaming
    Green Emerald Gaming a years ago+7

    Lip Smacking Asmr: BORING!!!
    This Video: The Best Asmr The World has Seen

  • Bridgette Coleman
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    He's quite handsome man😍😍😁😱👌👌

  • Saurav Thapa
    Saurav Thapa a years ago+20

    bear gills is nothing in comparison of this dued

  • 7 subs Challenge.
    7 subs Challenge. a years ago+5

    5:01 when you finally got your combo move