South Carolina Gangs Documentary 2017 - INFAMOUS Gangster Killer Bloods RULE Columbia SC !

  • Published on:  4/3/2017
  • South Carolina Gangs Documentary 2017 : INFAMOUS Gangster Killer Bloods Columbia, South Carolina : the nations’ leading peach producer has a very dark side to it - its called “ GKB “ or gangster killer bloods.The gangster killer bloods live by a different code than we do; their code is respect or die.The GKBs simply don’t care - they think they can do anything they want in Columbia, SC.They cause chaos in South Carolina, and rule the areas’ crack-cockaine trade.Easy money is the gangs’ best recruiting tool - many youngsters join the gang to make money and get rich, where there is not much of a legitimate opportunity for young ambitious man - it seems like gang-banging is their only option to get out of poverty.Please note that there are some graphic materials that some audiences might find disturbing,Viewers discretion is advised ! Please support DocoZone by liking and sharing this video !——————————————————————Never miss another documentary - Subscribe to Docozone NOW! more about the crips & bloods in SC :—————————————————WATCH MORE : Gangs in the US Military - Orleans INSANE Gangs Documentary - Zetas: Most Vicious Mexican Cartel EVER! Disciples GANG Documentary - in Salt Lake City UTAH - in Gangs Documentary - Citys VICIOUS Gangs - Ruthless Gangs - Eme - The Mexican Mafia Vicious Gangs of Memphis Gangs Documentary - Gangs Documentary - Gangs Documentary -


  • Ternell Phillips Music
    Ternell Phillips Music 6 months ago+1

    "...The GKB's were rollin deep..." lmao 6:10

  • y33t0 bandlab
    y33t0 bandlab 1 months ago

    I live in sc ain't easy getting by jack

  • SearchFindDESTROY _yt
    SearchFindDESTROY _yt 2 months ago

    I’m from South Carolina and live their in greenwood

  • jalini bushell
    jalini bushell 2 months ago

    Big South Carolina were bed roc at hood

  • Lawrence Barr
    Lawrence Barr 3 months ago


  • Julie De Fee
    Julie De Fee 1 months ago

    So, I live in Columbia South Carolina. Apparently, I live in the Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Not denying these claims. Not at all. I'm aware of the gang violence here. However, if I have interacted with this population, I probably was unaware and chatting up about the weather. Jeez. Perhaps I shouldn't have watched this?

  • gillllllig1020
    gillllllig1020 6 months ago+2

    basically slaves

  • j jerk
    j jerk 1 months ago

    But your hat has a c on it though

  • Karoslif
    Karoslif 2 days ago

    What a demonic way to live, then you die and go to hell, it's a lose lose.

  • King Ruger
    King Ruger 3 months ago

    They Vicelords No Blood gang on the west rep the 5 or wear they rags on the left