YBN Nahmir - Up-Top Baby (Official Video)



  • Jade Anderson 9 months ago

    I like Nahmir.... but damn this boii literally be saying the same shitt in every song...

  • kidd fire 3 months ago

    @Raw Sauce why are you listening to this video they

  • Tydria 8 months ago

    Exactly what i said. Its the same but in a different way. I heard other only songs by him but honestly i literally only like "Rubbin off the paint" & "Bounce out with that" but he got bars. It just seems like he mostly freestyles & nothing's wrong with that.

  • ChangoGaming 8 months ago

    If nahmir aint on gta 6 i aint buying it

  • TheRyanEmpire * 1 months ago

    If you dont buy so are you going to know its in it

  • brandonftw 2 months ago

    @Gridz 2022*

  • Bo3_Addictionz 9 months ago

    1:25 get off me

  • _CurlyHeadJJ_ 10 days ago

    Bo3_Addictionz 😂

  • YBN Nicky 2 months ago


  • March Fifth 8 months ago

    These GTA stories are sick.

  • Ramon Noodles 1 months ago

    @b gang never claimed to be dumbass you assuming with your shite lil soft ass gay as boi

  • b gang 1 months ago

    @Ramon Noodles we know you aint hard so yeah👍🏾

  • aaron berhane 8 months ago

    I like Nahmir and all but hit him In the rib once and he's done😂😂

  • Lil Gark 2 days ago

    aaron berhane what is this MortalKombat.

  • Malachi Saunders 4 days ago

    @Alisha Mhe bagged her tho while u crushing on him he fucking on her not throwing shots that's jus fax💯

  • Joexzy 8 months ago

    Really underrated. Love this song and all of your songs anyone agree??????

  • Giovani Amador 6 months ago

    Who else is scrolling down the comments and hearing this?

  • Neion Tha Plug 3 months ago


  • christian hernandez 4 months ago

    Niggas know

  • A Z N 8 months ago

    *Mr bounce out with that 44*

  • kid Trojan 8 months ago

    High key I think of him as a baby tee grizzly

  • Desmond Nier 7 months ago

    THE TIGER fr

  • Ziair Smith 8 months ago

    He so skinny he can Dodge raindrops 😂😂😂

  • Vague Gioツ 1 months ago

    He turn sideways and he invisible