All The Rumors And Spoilers About Rise Of Skywalker We Know So Far

  • Published on:  6/12/2019
  • The lead-up to Star Wars Episode IX is proving to be pretty exciting, and leading to plenty of wild speculation. Strap on your helmets, nerf herders, you're in for a bumpy ride as we explore some of the latest spoilers and rumors from a galaxy far, far away.Disney decided to clean house in a big way ahead of The Force Awakens, declaring that all Extended Universe materials were no longer considered Star Wars canon. The Mouse House then set about creating its own line of short stories, comics, and books to tie in with the new continuity, and one such release might just include a huge clue about a major Episode IX character. In Poe Dameron #27, a conversation Poe has with Rey and Finn seems to confirm that he's been unwittingly channeling the Force all this time.Marvel's Poe Dameron comics overlap with J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens. #26 explained how Dameron survived that crash and filled us in on what he did between then and rescuing Rey and Finn from the First Order, but it was the following issue that really got readers talking. In it, Dameron admits that he's been able to tap into some kind of "energy" while flying, prompting both Rey and Leia to suggest he's been using the Force.The seeds of this reveal were actually planted in the 2015 series Star Wars: Shattered Empire, according to CBR. It's in this prelude to The Force Awakens that we learn how Luke Skywalker gave remnants of The Great Tree, a natural conduit of the Force, to Dameron's parents, who used them to grow a new tree at home on Yavin 4. Dameron even mentions growing up around this tree, further foreshadowing a connection to the Force.You'll need to take this Rise of Skywalker rumor with a generous sprinkling of Crait's finest surface salt, because it originated from an unverified source. According to The Sun, Ewan McGregor will return as Obi-Wan Kenobi for the upcoming trilogy closer, though Disney is reportedly keen to keep that fact under wraps. Keep watching the video to see all the rumors and spoilers about Rise of Skywalker we know so far!#RiseOfSkywalker#StarWarsIs Poe Force-sensitive? | 0:15Will Ewan McGregor return as Obi-Wan? | 1:32Keri Russell's mysterious role | 2:42How big a part will Lando play? | 4:08Is Han Solo alive? | 5:25Returning, Yoda is? | 6:42Leia's story ends | 7:51Will Rey's parents be revealed? | 9:08Could Darth Vader return? | 10:25Richard E. Grant's mystery character | 11:37The Emperor Strikes Back | 12:47Will Kylo Ren defeat the Emperor? | 14:13The Knights of Ren | 15:29


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    I doubt Vader will return, he returned to the light and became Anakin again.

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    We already know Vader is a force ghost. It happened at the end of Return of the Jedi.

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    Rian Johnson saying he didn’t have enough room in the film for the KOR is complete horseshit. Trim that space chase and get rid of the pointless casino planet...and you enough room

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