My Dracula Ant Colony - ants that suck blood

  • Published on:  9/8/2018
  • Click here to SUBSCRIBE: out & subscribe to my NEW DAILY VLOGS: are vampires in the ant world, and today we meet them. A new ant colony known as Dracula ants (Stigmatomma sp.) has come to the Ant Room, and what we discover in this video about their secret blood-sucking lives, is not only mind-blowing, but is actually new to science! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: http://www.alexanderwild.comIf you're new to the channel, catch up on your "AntsCanada Lore" with this playlist of the complete history of the ants of this channel: us at CLOSE CAPTIONING "CC" available for this video. Please feel free to contribute to translating/CCing this video into another language: brand new video is uploaded on this channel every Saturday at 8AM EST (with frequent bonus videos) so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel to catch every ant video we release! Thank you for the support.Get our new AC Hybrid Nest 2.0 ant farm or'All You Need' Hybrid 2.0 Gear Pack (complete kit):▶▶▶We've got new Ant T-shirts! Check them out here:▶▶▶Got a question about ants or AntsCanada? Visit our website FAQ:▶▶▶Want an ant farm? Check out our ant shop. We ship worldwide: ▶▶▶Need to buy an ant colony for your ant farm, or do you have ant colonies to sell/give away? Find out more about our GAN Project: here to watch every video we have ever made: Ant (Solenopsis geminata) playlist: Crazy Ant (Paratrechina longicornis) playlist: Crazy Ant (Anoplolepis gracillipes) playlist: REACT Series & Other Time Lapse Video playlist: Tutorial Playlist: us at the new AntsCanada Ant Forum:▶AntsCanada Official Website▶Like us on ▶Follow us on▶Follow us on us at for any questions or inquiries.About We believe ants are the most amazing creatures on the planet, and every new discovery about their micro world gives us some profound insights into the world around us and ourselves. Bringing the ant farm and love of ant keeping to a whole new level, we are dedicated to show the world the joys of keeping big and healthy pet ant colonies. Shipping worldwide since 2009, we are innovators of ant keeping products for ant lovers and museums alike.


  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanada  9 months ago+385

    If you enjoyed this episode, watch the continuation of this colony's story here (Haloween Episode):

  • Ellie Pearl
    Ellie Pearl 10 months ago+2561

    You're probably the only one who can make ants sound dramatic.

  • ItzGenny ;3
    ItzGenny ;3 2 months ago+132

    Ants drinking blood from sister
    Happy music plays

  • ColorRama
    ColorRama 7 months ago+633

    The cocoon looked like baby carrots to me

  • Artemis Entertainment
    Artemis Entertainment 6 months ago+62

    Felt great when he said ...we saw it first.
    Also me:
    Even did a" high five" with a high jump.

  • ThisIsFrog
    ThisIsFrog 7 months ago+298

    ironic that the ants are blind to the color of the thing they're known for drinking

  • Quinn
    Quinn 11 months ago+713

    Honestly Antselvania would be a wonderful name for a bigger version the colony's home, maybe The Blood Tower can be the center piece? hmm
    But I didn't know these critters existed! You learn something new every day

  • One of Us
    One of Us 7 months ago+189

    Count them all so you “count” Dracula

  • Plaid Penguin
    Plaid Penguin 2 months ago+32

    Call the cage “The Coffin”
    Call the ants “The Killers”

  • Trey Beard
    Trey Beard 8 months ago+71


  • Luis Ramírez
    Luis Ramírez 2 months ago+352

    may be you should name the colony "TrANTsylvania"

  • Lmpkio
    Lmpkio 11 months ago+588

    Gonna be reaaaaal honest with you, for some reason I thought the red thing in the thumbnail was actually a giant pool of blood.

  • Never WillCare
    Never WillCare 7 months ago+337

    Hmm interesting idea. Try pricking your finger n give them a drop of blood?

  • It’s Isa
    It’s Isa 2 months ago+22

    YouTube Recommendations: bLOOD SUCKING ANTS
    Me: okay
    Okay but seriously these videos are interesting! Just get your own show on Animal Planet!

  • Darveen
    Darveen 3 months ago+21

    "and a twig" drops a beat

  • StarryMint Mew
    StarryMint Mew 6 months ago+66

    Quote, "Mark The Date, We Saw It First." 😂

  • Smol Potato
    Smol Potato 10 months ago+439

    I have no idea why this was in my recommendation feed, but for once, Youtube was right.

  • Daddy DIY
    Daddy DIY 6 months ago+9

    You seem like someone who's been my friend my entire life. Much love man! Thanks for the invite to the family.

  • Uni Draw
    Uni Draw 1 months ago+13

    Someone: so how many ants do you have ?
    Ant Canada: yes

  • Dammit Bobbeh
    Dammit Bobbeh 6 months ago+19

    I love the video, and your narration's on point.
    Still, I can't stop thinking about...
    M A R K T H E D A T E A C F A M I L Y