Billie Eilish Talks Coachella, Touring & Injuries

  • Published on:  4/18/2019
  • #BillieEilish talks about her #Coachella performance, life on the road, injuring herself and the theory that she is an "industry plant". For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► to the Podcast ►► us:Twitter ►► ►► ►► ►►


  • Jacksonville Greetings
    Jacksonville Greetings 4 months ago+6438

    Who is better?
    Billie Eilish: like
    Melanie Martinez: comment

  • Savannah Estabrook
    Savannah Estabrook 3 months ago+1506

    Billie needs a podcast just to rant about her random opinions I would 100% listen

  • Ashley Saavedra
    Ashley Saavedra 3 months ago+926

    People need to understand she’s a teenager still. I was nowhere near this woke when I was 17

  • Barbora Brodecká
    Barbora Brodecká 3 months ago+299

    the only artist I can watch their interviews for hours

  • Kristen Gallo
    Kristen Gallo 1 months ago+102

    Billie at 17: famous artistic songwriter and icon
    Me at 23: sitting in my room with two cats eating a popsicle

  • mackenzie frecloud
    mackenzie frecloud 4 months ago+4489

    does anyone else think billie's voice is literally so fricking soothing

  • ashes
    ashes 3 months ago+501

    I'm 8 years older than her but I think she's so smart. I think gen z's are growing up so fast but in a good way. Wise for their age.

  • Rainbow Diamond
    Rainbow Diamond 3 months ago+308

    “I was a tap dancer!”
    “I was tooo! Were you good? I bet you were good.” “I was pretty good.”
    “I was fire.”
    this exchange had me dead don’t ask me why lmaoooo

  • bri bronze
    bri bronze 3 months ago+407

    billie: “like i know why i love it, but why do these other people like it?”
    me: nods head intrigued

  • wicked
    wicked 3 months ago+716

    People say she's depressed sad negative don't laugh but i see the opposite and her laugh is one of a kind 😂

  • Alexa Pellerin
    Alexa Pellerin 3 months ago+421

    she has so much wisdom it’s insane. respect her for real

  • M.
    M. 3 months ago+574

    i really respect this show and the way both you zach and dan interview people. it’s VERY rare that you get an interview of someone and it shows that they actually enjoy it. the way the set is all cosy and comfortable, the questions being asked, the amount of respect and actual research that everyone at the show puts in the artists coming on... it’s just amazing. and y’all should really be commended for that. if you ever want to know what an artist is really like just watch their zach sang interview.

  • LaShawn Pierre
    LaShawn Pierre 3 months ago+181

    Billie pulling the tag off of that pillow is me at all of my friends’ houses casually destroying their property in the tiniest ways possible

  • *katherine bolanos*
    *katherine bolanos* 3 months ago+493

    literally nobody:
    billie: starts talking about christmas trees for 1/4 of the interview

  • Elizabeth McDonald
    Elizabeth McDonald 4 months ago+2814

    Thank you for not asking basic questions. We really get to know the artist and that’s why your interviewing is so good.

  • Sarah Farnsworth
    Sarah Farnsworth 3 months ago+264

    billie: the internet doesnt deserve my funny ass
    me: nooooooooooo

  • Leslie Giselle
    Leslie Giselle 3 months ago+481

    6:45 billie pulls tag off of pillow
    looks up nervously
    this got me 😂😂

  • avocado allie
    avocado allie 3 months ago+248

    okay billies fit? billies hair? billies GLASSES. this look is iconic

  • Alix Harris
    Alix Harris 2 months ago+87

    Am I the only one who would much rather be watching an hour of Billie then the James and Tati drama??
    Or is it just me 🤷🏽‍♀️😝

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP 4 months ago+4693

    I'm glad that Billie had to opportunity to meet Justin and Ariana at Coachella....who am I kidding Billie's on their level now 😂