GIANT Dart vs Secret Mystery Balloons!! (DONT Pick the Wrong Balloon)

  • Published on:  9/8/2018
  • Throwing a GIANT dart off a trampoline tower to hit mystery balloons which have a secret hidden punishment inside. Dont choose the wrong balloon!DONT Fall off the Trampoline Tower: US ON INSTAGRAM:Follow Cam on Instagram: (@christopherryan98) Jeff on Instagram: (@jeffufahh) Rob on Intagram: (@broitsrob)


  • Jack Hulan howell 5 months ago

    Jeff: loses all the timeCam: wins all the timeRob: always eats whip cream

  • Tyler Stirling 22 hours ago

    Lol Jeff eats whip cream cam loses all the time and rob wins all the time

  • XxWolfyxX gacha 6 days ago

    @RENS 7 2018-2019 Season don't be rude u just as big of a jerk

  • icypole 5 months ago

    i like my Comment

  • SlohcinCA YT 3 months ago

    One question, do u guys ever get that feeling when yur thinking of something sour yur mouth feels all wierd (like if that happens to u)

  • aolani allen 1 months ago


  • Bulldog screams 101 2 months ago

    I just want to say YEET!

  • Tracy Vock 4 months ago

    i love u guys so much and watch your vids all the time i hope u have a good day from Summer:)

  • J jj 8 months ago

    YouAreGoingTooGuessWhoTheBestPerson IsHint:look at the first too words

  • Sara M. 3 months ago

    Who is the best one tell me

  • Clips CCH 3 months ago

    J jj your so nice but your the best to😺

  • Kayla Prugger 3 months ago

    I would reck him I can eat sour candy with ease

  • Yeet 666 14 days ago

    I think it’s warheads

  • Yeet 666 14 days ago

    Not me if it’s warheads

  • Bray 40 6 months ago

    Who else thinks that these people are amazing you tubers.

  • Yeet 666 14 days ago


  • Tristen Cripe 27 days ago

    Bray 40 meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Shooting Stars 7 months ago

    I found this channel last night and now I love your videos!! You always make me laugh!! Trust me I almost got in trouble with my parents from laughing so hard because of you

  • Terese Paukstiene 14 days ago


  • Jayson Green 25 days ago

    The PAINtball gun it says it in its name...

  • XXXVI ST3F4N 10 months ago

    Why does Jeff remind me of Sid from Ice Age xD

  • Yamirelis Diaz 4 months ago

    So true

  • The gang films 5 months ago