Primitive Technology: Building furnace and casting knife copper beautiful

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Hello. Building furnace and casting beautiful copper knife is our latest video. In this video we made a knife from the copper that we created. It took us a long time to collect the copper. We did a lot of experiments to melt copper to mold a copper knife, so many times we failed. We succeeded successfully and created a pretty sure and beautiful knife. Initially we collected the required amount of copper, we built a new oven with better wind system, we used coal ash to make a metal coke when melting. We use stone knives to make molds on sand. We will continue to do some necessary stuff when we collect the required amount of copper. We will continue to make the next video on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to keep track of the latest videos. Thank you.channels:


  • sullivan889
    sullivan889 11 months ago+1407

    Wow they just entered the copper age. I cant wait till they discover electricity.

  • callused american
    callused american 2 months ago+142

    Creates knife and immediately starts deforestation

  • username
    username 3 months ago+92

    I just realized the reason he doesn't speak is because he hasn't invented language yet.

  • rima agusti
    rima agusti 10 months ago+29

    *Chopper dagger
    Atack + 79
    Chanting time + 60
    Critical hit + 30
    Atack range + 10

  • IKnow AGuy
    IKnow AGuy 11 months ago+13

    Now off to battle w/ the other primitive survival channels! WAR HAS COME

  • Aboi Kaboi
    Aboi Kaboi 11 months ago+752

    Bronze age achieved after spending 1000 foods, 1,100 woods, and 900 stones.

  • Pixelarter
    Pixelarter 11 months ago+168

    This channel was going quite well, but I must say I don't like the fakery in this video. First the obvious fact that the blade was clearly not sharpened on that wet stone. There's too much material removed on a barely abrasive stone. Secondly it doesn't seem like the last crucible is the same as the one you made. It's too perfect compared to the previous shots and seems like store bought. And lastly, there's a high chance that metal was not extracted from rocks by you. It seems too large quantity and too pure to be extracted from those scarce rocks you picked from the river in your previous videos.
    I was really enjoying the channel, but that level of dishonesty and cheat makes me question your other videos as well. It's a thumbs down from me.

  • Darth Biker
    Darth Biker 4 months ago+61

    1:34 did a centipede just crawl out of that rock and NOT bite you?

  • FahDON_DOVah
    FahDON_DOVah 11 months ago+67

    Никогда бы не подумал что будет так увлекательно наблюдать за жизнью двух сбежавших северокарейцев.

  • 11시1분
    11시1분 3 months ago+29

    인간이 이렇게 발전을 시작했구나... 새삼 놀랍다... 책으로 공부한거랑 느낌이 너무 다르다

  • Jafe
    Jafe 11 months ago+415

    Now they’re ready to make a 1000 degree knife video

  • King
    King 6 months ago+3

    I can't stop laughing at the guy that looks like he's giving a double handy in the back there🤣

  • General Rhodes *O Máquina de combate!TM*

    You have earned the copper age achievement!

  • Lucas Piriz
    Lucas Piriz 14 days ago+3

    Absolutamente nadie:
    Yo: mira videos de los indios que hacen piscinas o trampas

  • Comrade Skywalker
    Comrade Skywalker 8 months ago+3

    (1 year in the future) how to make electricity with steam

  • Phil MoreGain
    Phil MoreGain 10 months ago+6

    Enter Cheat Code: Power Tools to smelt and Grind brass into the shape of a knife.
    This is staged

  • Ramm Rras
    Ramm Rras 5 months ago+10

    Why does the title start with: "Primitive Technology" ??

  • gg S
    gg S 7 days ago+5

    In ancient times, they made a clay mold, then they fired it to harden the mold. You guys should try it.

  • Shmakabryaka
    Shmakabryaka 14 days ago+1

    On the next season we will see bushcraft of atomic bomb 😂

  • Lokosik
    Lokosik 11 months ago+160

    Awesome job. Id love to share with you a trick Ive learned from other videos about casting molten metals in sand. If you noticed, the molten metal was bubbling when you poured it into the cast. That is because the sand was too wet and the water turned into water vapors. Here is a tip how to tell if the sand you use for casting is either too wet or too dry. Try molding a small ball of sand in your hands. If it doesnt hold together, then the sand is too dry, if it holds together but the sand sticks to your hands, it is still too wet and will bubble, just like the one in the video. Good luck in your future casting!