Cristiano Ronaldo scores first two goals for Juventus | ESPN



  • Football Highlights HD
    Football Highlights HD 11 months ago+872

    1:46 the camera man doing his job

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez 11 months ago+1940

    It looks like in Juventus they truly love Cristiano

  • Nova
    Nova 11 months ago+297

    33 years old. Physique of 25 year old

  • milo miriam
    milo miriam 11 months ago+759

    Love how everyone’s so happy for him and celebrate, this is just the beginning! I can’t wait for the champions league 🙌🙏

  • seba giovinco
    seba giovinco 11 months ago+247

    We Juventus fans love him because he is the king that will put an end to our curse.....we have lost seven champions league finals....he is our only hope

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 11 months ago+708

    look at that pace, 33 years old running like 23

  • Litt Music
    Litt Music 10 months ago+30

    Ronaldo listens to Mayzin - Zo Flow when he warms up

  • Manis Shahi
    Manis Shahi 11 months ago+501

    The king is back 💪💪

  • Mima
    Mima 11 months ago+167

    The ovation when Ronaldo scored was incredible, and also the support of the others juventus players. They were really happy for him.

  • Saif Al-shmmari
    Saif Al-shmmari 11 months ago+130

    ultimately perfect boobs what a lucky guy Ronaldo 1:45😂👌

  • Ivan Tomić
    Ivan Tomić 11 months ago+150

    Ronaldo is highly talented player, only kids can say that Messi is pure talent and Ronaldo is just hard worker. What people don't understand is that he traded his winger tricks and attractive moves, that he used while in ManUtd, to classic forward play style. He is older and smarter, his goal is to score and he adapted so well because he understands the game better than 99% players. Talent got him to the top, work etic is keeping him there.

  • Harry Rehnquist
    Harry Rehnquist 11 months ago+234

    Cristiano is the greatest footballer of all time. If he wins a champion’s league with Juve, the debate (if there is one) is over.

  • tomazingerz
    tomazingerz 11 months ago+25

    I love how all the crowd goes SUUUU right when he lands his jump

  • Isaac Asante
    Isaac Asante 11 months ago+22

    Imagine if Ronaldo manages to top the Serie A goalscoring charts this season. Haters will count all the tap-ins and deduct them in their custom charts. 🤣🤣

  • hst9
    hst9 11 months ago+1169

    One of the most hardworking athletes of all time. Deserves every accolade hes ever gotten and im sure he will be adding a few more in the years to come

  • ChiefSosa2K19
    ChiefSosa2K19 11 months ago+53

    The first 2 of many............ mark my words. Messi and Ronaldo the greatest players of our generation.

  • Sofian Hanapi
    Sofian Hanapi 11 months ago+21

    Im proud of you Cristiano Ronaldo! Hard work paid off! All the best in your career! Sofian ( Singapore)

  • Justice Ojule
    Justice Ojule 11 months ago+32

    no defense can hold him for too long the goal beast is back congratulations.

  • Rapheal Lim
    Rapheal Lim 11 months ago+48

    No. 31 of Sassuolo is so fortunate to head that ball to assist CR7. Some say he couldn’t sleep cause of his contribution to the KING CR7. G.O.A.T definitely till the end of world. Viva Ronaldo! Supporting you since 2003!

  • Mathobela Mmakau
    Mathobela Mmakau 11 months ago+1103

    I'm so happy for Ronaldo he is more appreciated here than at Madrid...Juve fans are incredible