An Unsettling Age Gap Relationship

  • Published on:  5/31/2019
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  • Charley Turner
    Charley Turner 2 months ago+6480

    “he became close to children too” wow what a nice way of phrasing “child groomer”

  • Tricia Salas
    Tricia Salas 1 months ago+2006

    Yes, a pregnant looking, 50 year old, toothless man is every 16 year old girls dream. 🙄

  • D H
    D H 2 months ago+2709

    She very obviously looks at him for approval every time she speaks. The power dynamic in this couple makes me uncomfortable

  • Peri Stalers
    Peri Stalers 2 months ago+1734

    By Beth taking it to the next level they really mean she went "hey you've been touching me since I was 14 can we make it official?"

  • вuttєrflч príncєss
    вuttєrflч príncєss 2 months ago+1104

    He looks way older than 47 😳
    Some people just don’t age well

  • Beth Roesch
    Beth Roesch 2 months ago+7320

    If ANY friend of mine LOOKED at one of my daughter's, they would be my blind former friend. Just one mom's perspective

  • extremelyhappysimmer
    extremelyhappysimmer 2 months ago+985

    "Beth wanted to take the relationship to the next level." Suuure. The teen wanted to date the creepy old guy aaalll on her own

  • Carol Allison
    Carol Allison 2 months ago+658

    Its not that confusing. He was screwing her long before she was 16. They just didnt make it public until it was legal

  • Zyco Vleech
    Zyco Vleech 2 months ago+715

    An age gap between a 26 y/o and a 46 y/o is not the same thing as a 16 y/o and a 36 y/o, the second one is just creepy, specially when it involves people close to the family of the younger one

  • Vuhrie传说
    Vuhrie传说 2 months ago+607


  • Natecia Brown
    Natecia Brown 2 months ago+3763

    I feel like they were purposely painting her as being in charge in order to make him seem less of a pedophile.
    I definitely think he groomed her. But that's just my thought.

  • ShyFerret
    ShyFerret 2 months ago+786

    I’m only 25 and can’t imagine dating a guy younger than 23
    wyd with kids 18-20 when you’re 40 something

  • Angelika Roswell
    Angelika Roswell 2 months ago+261

    The reason Monica and Richard was an acceptable situation is that she was an adult when their relationship was initiated. In this case, this man was (supposedly) pursued by a CHILD (16 is still a kid, plain and simple) and chose to reciprocate rather than be an adult and refuse to allow things to proceed.

  • Prussian Junker
    Prussian Junker 2 months ago+273

    Its a bit creepy even if shes of legal age. My boyfriend and i got togethet when i was 17 and he was 20, thats not a bad age gap just 3 years. But 3 decades? Nah fam that's just weird

  • clownery
    clownery 2 months ago+250


  • Robin Mcclain
    Robin Mcclain 2 months ago+5300

    "close to the children" translation...grooming...(throws up)

  • PixelatedBabe
    PixelatedBabe 2 months ago+238

    There's no way he didn't groom her from a young age at LEAST, ew this shit makes my skin crawl.

  • Pinupbenelli
    Pinupbenelli 2 months ago+221

    They should focus on their teeth! I really can't 🤚🏻😂

  • Some YouTuber
    Some YouTuber 2 months ago+167

    “Oh this old dude raised and watched me grow up ....he’d be the perfect dad for my child”

  • Rayvenne R
    Rayvenne R 2 months ago+69

    Consent shouldn't count if the minor was groomed into the relationship.