You've NEVER seen REPTILES like these....

  • Published on:  11/29/2018
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  • Paul Cuffaro
    Paul Cuffaro  8 months ago+995

    Not only one of the Longest videos I’ve made but definitely one of the coolest as well! Hope y’all enjoyed!🦎🐢

  • Alex4Lolz
    Alex4Lolz 7 months ago+375

    I love how enthusiastic he is about his animals. You can tell that he really cares about them. I love seeing people that just love their craft. I wish I was him.

  • Steve Collinson
    Steve Collinson 4 days ago+2

    I have a bearded dragon also one of the red leather backs

  • across games
    across games 2 days ago

    12:27 Oh my I didn’t know I was going to witness it devour the mouse like that.

  • Brian Briones Vlogs
    Brian Briones Vlogs 7 months ago+198

    11:05 thats a weird reptile at back!?!?

    SEJEONG UNNIE 7 months ago+2


  • TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter

    Would love to have something like this in my house

  • Half_Royal
    Half_Royal 7 months ago+121

    No mice were harmed in the making of this video...

  • Jon Bon
    Jon Bon 4 days ago+2

    Not going to lie I though that stuffed animal snake was real lol

  • Ysmael James Guillermo
    Ysmael James Guillermo 8 months ago+640

    what's more amazing is he knows the key to each enclosure hahaha

  • Roka azadî
    Roka azadî 7 months ago+53

    behind the man 11:05 He tries to be a snake

  • collinbri collin
    collinbri collin 7 months ago

    "I want to see everysingle thing!" Your my favorite youtuber!!!

  • Shadowstorm Nico
    Shadowstorm Nico 3 months ago+38

    Paul:they have so mucH RooM, juSt LiKe naTuRal.
    Rain forests: am I a JoKe To yOu!

  • Morocco Killer
    Morocco Killer 2 days ago

    Should've called it cow

  • Ella's Animals
    Ella's Animals 8 months ago+430

    This is amazing people actually care about the lives of the animals unlike the pet stores where I live

  • Παναγιώτης Φουργιώτης

    15:01 literally me when my mom says the dinner is ready

  • Nick Ferdinande
    Nick Ferdinande 6 months ago

    I live close by and love how Brian comes out when they open to thank everyone for coming. Very cool.

  • Schneestreif 1252
    Schneestreif 1252 3 days ago

    15:04 Play this in X2 with running in The 90s XD

  • Frantic Disy
    Frantic Disy 7 months ago


  • Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy

    What a blast!!! Can’t wait to create this at Aqualand!!!