• Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Paul Cuffaro
    Paul Cuffaro  11 months ago+225

    The BLUE LOBSTER is home! Once the cichilds grow to Adult size, I may have to relocate her/him into a new aquarium BUT for now she/he is doing GREAT!😊

  • Ellana May
    Ellana May 11 months ago+87

    The dip in the sand will be the lobster digging a nest ready for a female to come along approve of the best and then yeah so a female for him might be a good idea

  • John Teque
    John Teque 11 months ago+159

    He or she is making a bed. Looks like it's time to breed it Paul. Leave a like if he should do it!!

  • Ahmed Essa
    Ahmed Essa 11 months ago+24

    Paul can you make a video about how you clean your tanks

  • OImobster
    OImobster 11 months ago+20

    Hey Paul why don't you look for the crabs in the mini pond

  • Goat 1
    Goat 1 11 months ago

    Been a fan since around 50k subs. Love your vids bro keep it up

  • Rosalind Pike
    Rosalind Pike 11 months ago

    love your vids always exited when a new one comes out. keep up the great job your doing

  • 175 R
    175 R 11 months ago

    0:07 엉? 소주잔형이 왜 거기서나와?

  • Kobe Perez Aguilar
    Kobe Perez Aguilar 11 months ago

    Your videos are amazing, when I watch them it makes my day🤙🏽

  • David Ho
    David Ho 11 months ago

    Love your vids and always looking forward to it Paul . I've learn a lot of stuff from you . ❤❤

  • Willow Wolf
    Willow Wolf 11 months ago+58

    im always looking forward to your videos everyday. love from New Jersey

  • La Dia
    La Dia 11 months ago

    Your videos make my day ! Thank you so much for being you ❤️

  • Pepito delos Reyes
    Pepito delos Reyes 11 months ago

    I love you vids paul and i love bieng a part of the notification squad. Leep up the good work

  • I love Fishing
    I love Fishing 11 months ago

    Hey Paul thank you so much for your uploads I always look forward to your videos keep up the great work

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris 11 months ago+1

    Great video Paul and keep up the amazing work 👍

  • Lorraine Tunney
    Lorraine Tunney 11 months ago

    I love your videos! Especially the updates. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Cheesierlist 992
    Cheesierlist 992 11 months ago+1

    Paul I luv ur vids ur so awesome and amazing plz make more banger content luv u bro keep it up

  • Cheyenne Spidle
    Cheyenne Spidle 11 months ago

    Love the videos Paul. When i get the notification I click it asap. Keep up the great work !

  • Melissa S
    Melissa S 11 months ago

    I always look forward to your videos! Thanks for showing Luna. :)

  • Supreme Steph
    Supreme Steph 11 months ago+18

    Blue lobster looks sick in the 160 tank! Lulu is getting so big! This channel just brightens me up on any day. Nick adds on as well😂 Love you channel Paul! Keep doing what you do! Congrats on 500 K!