My Night Time Routine

  • Published on:  5/26/2018
  • Hey guys!! Every night varies a bit, but I do try to keep a general routine. Since I had my first son Oliver, the night time has really become the only focused "me time" I get. I love to be as productive as possible because I really realize what a little focused time & self care can accomplish. I feel like I took that time for granted a bit before I had children. You may not relate to my scenario exactly, but every one of us has passions and gifts. It's important to nurture those passions and gifts and care for ourselves while also trying to balance our daily responsibilities.

    My Music On Spotify -

    My FIRST original song & production to come out of my home studio. I was feeling very inspired by the 90's R&B genre and wanted to dabble with that sound. It's totally random, and my other songs will sound totally different.. but, it's finished.. so onto the next .. haha iTunes-

    In The Video-

    Seventh Gen Coconut Care Shampoo Mousse + Lotion & Babyganics Bubble Bath (I order mine every month or two in my Grove Collaborative order)

    Most of the studio goodies including the sage smudge stick, incense, picture frames, crystals, candles & matches etc are from my boutique shop

    The vegan soap with seed paper, lavender body oil & crackling wood candle are also from the shop... I buy for the shop, so I absolutely love and use everything or I wouldn't buy it.. haha

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    Studio Vibes -
    Raw Clear Quartz Crystal -
    Smudge Bowl (currently sold out)
    Sage Smudge Stick-
    Picture Frames-
    Peacock Matches-
    Oakmoss & Amber Candle-
    Warm Amber Incense-

    Lava Lamp is from Target
    I use Logic Pro X for editing my music. I have a Yamaha MOXf8 Keyboard. I'm saving for a real piano at the moment, but I love that this feels pretty close to the real deal for a Midi Keyboard. It's been amazing for producing and practicing.

    Self Care & Bed Side Rest Nest-

    Midnight Moon Vegan Soap w/Wildflower Seed Paper -

    I get my exfoliating gloves from Target. You can find them for about $6. I've been loving and using this Hyaluronic Acid serum from Derma Doctor for a while now. It's simple but very effective.. Very moisturizing and hydrating to the skin.

    Amethyst Crystal + Succulents -
    Wood Crackling Candle-


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