The X Factor UK 2018 Ricky John Auditions Full Clip S15E05



  • Marcus Divine
    Marcus Divine 11 months ago+357

    He looks way younger than 36. Good genes.

  • randommonkeyy
    randommonkeyy 11 months ago+256

    The raw emotion in his voice is EVERYTHING. He seems humble, not dressed up in anything fancy or over the top, he’s just so genuine. Beautiful audition, beautiful family. Cannot WAIT to see how far he goes.

  • Tatang Onyok
    Tatang Onyok 11 months ago+269

    Beautiful wife, kids and voice. You've got it all dude

  • Dan Frost
    Dan Frost 11 months ago+247

    I actually like these judges more than the previous ones, when it's deserved they aren't afraid to get up there on stage and personally congratulate the artist's & that gives them a real connection with the audience & everyone else.

  • Eddy Thomas
    Eddy Thomas 11 months ago+157

    Everyone was really worry when he forgot the lyric included me and his little daughter but what incredible judges panel to let him continue his song because they knew THE STAR have just born.

  • Lilia96
    Lilia96 11 months ago+136

    This guy is what it's all about. Rooting for him all the way. What a beautiful performance, and what a beautiful family.

  • Gary Briffa
    Gary Briffa 11 months ago+150

    Omg!!! If he plays it well and have a great song choices, he can be the winner of xfactor.

  • Caroline O
    Caroline O 11 months ago+199

    So him.

  • Michelle Anderson
    Michelle Anderson 11 months ago+62

    Omg I cried! That was so soulful, heartfelt, and moving. I would buy him singing that right now and be obsessed listening to it..and please leave in the stumble..that really got the waterworks flowing

  • rich arnista
    rich arnista 11 months ago+77

    You have a beautiful soul and family, I'm rooting for you Ricky!!!

  • Seantelle Clement
    Seantelle Clement 11 months ago+57

    he looks like if he have such a humble soul...

  • Fernando Fredo
    Fernando Fredo 11 months ago+74

    Looks a lot like david beckham!😂😂😂😂😂...good voice anyway

  • liona1982
    liona1982 11 months ago+39

    Louis is such a wonderful human being😍

  • phoenixfeatherr
    phoenixfeatherr 11 months ago+42

    He and his family are SOOO CUTE I’m glad his life turned around and I hope it stays going in a good direction

  • WonderWhatHappened
    WonderWhatHappened 11 months ago+36

    This is my favorite. What a great looking happy family. I got goose bumps. When his little girl turned to her mom my heart broke for a second. He's my x-factor front runner.

  • Ashley Winston George
    Ashley Winston George 11 months ago+31

    And we finally have a MALE Contender!!!!! AMAZINGGG!!

  • ToyaRR
    ToyaRR 11 months ago+44

    It was so beautifully mournful. I felt that in my spirit. Just his voice tells you he has been through a lot.

  • Troy Sy
    Troy Sy 11 months ago+37

    Yes for me. Thanks again Anthony.

  • Madeleine Phipps
    Madeleine Phipps 11 months ago+51

    Good luck Ricky, wish you and your family the best 💐

  • Sara NZ
    Sara NZ 11 months ago+36

    His daughter is SOOO MATURE ❤️❤️