Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 - TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

  • Published on:  5/12/2019
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  • Emergency Awesome 1 months ago

    Here's my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5* video. There will be a lot of character turns to deal with as we head into the finale. Lots of easter eggs and callbacks to earlier seasons and the books. Let me know how many you spotted! My Game of Thrones Finale Trailer video will post next Monday!

  • Javier Rivera 1 months ago

    Do you think there is a relationship between Daenery's and Grey Worm's desition to go all in to destroy and kill everything and everyone and a moment in S8E4, close to minute 32:20 when Grey Worm takes a weird look at John Snow?

  • Fathima Muafiqa 1 months ago

    How will they ever justify her zigzagging through kingslanding for no fucking reason?

  • Dave Crew 1 months ago

    The mountain was harder to kill than the night king

  • Fuck You 1 months ago

    How many times do I have to say this the night king don't lift

  • En Jay 1 months ago

    Little finger was harder to kill than the night king

  • Antharis79 1 months ago

    Samwell Tarly has a higher kill-count than the whole Golden Company.

  • Michael Anthony 1 months ago

    What is dead may never die...

  • sabin97 1 months ago

    @Stannis The Mannis it's called plot armor....he has it.

  • Charlie Smith 1 months ago

    "Mad Writers" The queen didn't go mad, the writers did.

  • YaoLi Jiang 1 months ago


  • Kellie Smith 1 months ago


  • Luana Ls 1 months ago

    Remember when she chained her dragons because she found out that one burned an innocent child? Yeah she just kinda forgot about thatEdit: Apparently people don't get that medival rulers kill their enemies, killing the people who fight against you is kinda the point. The people she burned weren't her enemies, there was no gain for her in killing them

  • clikclikboom123 28 days ago

    Luana Ls the producers are absolute trash, they just wanted to kill everything and anyone in the quickest way possible and this is the way they chose to do it

  • Eclectic Cerebro 1 months ago

    @Richard Linares youve hit the nail directly on the head... "Context matters" and they've dropped the ball thinking the fans would accept this version of Dany, the Night King, etc, without context/properly building up their motives, reasoning for their choices, etc.. The night king was a waste of a villain who died without any context to his plan, who he was or what he wanted. Dany was a waste of a character who yes, may have made some bad decisions but showed she wasnt a "evil villain"...

  • Blazumac 1 months ago

    I'd rather have had the Night King kill everyone than what we got.

  • Muzammil Faizi 1 months ago

    Blazumac We all did amigo. We all did.

  • OldManWinter 1 months ago

    @Jack Burton They won't. John kills Dany and takes the Black... Even though there is no need for the NIght's watch anymore.

  • sT Immortal 1 months ago

    The part I liked the most was how Arya used a GTA cheat code to spawn a horse

  • mgamer327 17 days ago

    @Karim Gameil nah, where's the saddle it was decked out in?

  • 1Dreamking 1 months ago

    @Lapis Lazuli Sadly so yes. I mean they were trapped. Then she says, Not today. And poof goes Nightcrawler on the Nightking. ;)

  • hal jordan 1 months ago

    You know what's sad, the whole scene with daenerys going mad could have been one of the best things on the show if we have had more episodes to develop that. Yes there was a lot of foreshadowing of Dany coming back to power with "fire and blood" but there was never an instance where she showed hatred towards the people.Really, it's a pitty.. Even emilia Clarke's acting when the bells ring is excellent. What a waste :(

  • Lapis Lazuli 1 months ago

    @Jake Stoy They wouldn't kneel to Jon. They have no idea who he is.

  • Sigma Projects 1 months ago

    @Faizal Ali Pretty much

  • mineis anonymity 1 months ago

    Anyone else thinks Tyrion was smarter when he used to drink? He is so dumb in season 8.

  • nciez hooeg 1 months ago

    Thats the point, if tyrion wasnt dumb, there is no final season

  • chris robinson 1 months ago

    John Assimakopoulos HA! HA! HA!!

  • theomimesis 1 months ago

    Game of Thrones: seasons 1 through 6, "Winter is Coming"; season 7, "Winter is Here"; season 8, "Winter was Over-hyped."

  • MrsButtersworth82 1 months ago

    Thank you!!! This is precisely how I feel. I think this season should have focused more on the Night King instead of the 1 episode and quick kill at the end. I was disappointed that the Night King didn’t have more of a fight scene. He just walked around til the end.

  • Christian Adams 1 months ago

    theomimesis the battle was really good but the episodes after it garbage they had such a good thing and ruined it they should’ve finished the show on winter