Olympic Champions React to MEN DOING WOMENS GYMNASTICS | Funny



  • Shawn Johnson East
    Shawn Johnson East  2 months ago+333

    What other videos do you want us to react to?!

  • Gougoulina 20
    Gougoulina 20 an hour ago

    Je crois que les baĺl hall sont cassé

  • Maybe Later
    Maybe Later 4 hours ago

    Men, dolphins, women

  • metamorphicorder
    metamorphicorder 8 hours ago

    Im not being hateful here, but this should not be a surprise. Theres are reason that there isnt female pair figure skating. Because women lack the muscular potential not on average but by the majority to do the things that are required for men in that event. All the things that women do in this context can be done typically better by someone, anyone with a more developed musculature. Regardless of their gender. It just so happens that men tend in the vast majority of cases to have that more developed musculature. And if these two had trained in a mixed class, unless it was totally regimented and structured to the point that people were only ever allowed to do the things for which they would compete, they should know this.
    Im not a gymnast, as in i never took formal classes, but i did study martial arts and i self trained in gymnastic exercises as best i could. I got what i felt was pretty capable for someone with no formal training and though that was far and away much less than almost anyone with serious training, its easy to see the capability diffence between men and women in this respect. Its not that women have found things in gymnastics that they can do better than men, its that they found stuff that they can DO at all and still be able to do it competently. Reverse this scenario and you will quickly see what i mean, see how competent women are on the rings and pommel horse. Its not surprising.

    EPIC SILVA 10 hours ago

    How dare you assume their gender. Hahahaha

  • Matilda Anderson
    Matilda Anderson 21 hours ago

    Since there’s so many air heads in the comments, the reason they’re shocked is because men are NOT trained in these! That’s what makes it so impressive, these women have only positive things to say so why do you guys have so many negative things to say. It makes sense that men are so good at these because physically they’re a lot stronger so that helps a lot! These guys are awesome!

  • Joe Zingher
    Joe Zingher yesterday

    THEY IDENTIFY AS WOMEN THOUGH. Looking forward to the next Olympics.

  • Grigori Rasputin
    Grigori Rasputin yesterday

    "How is a man doing this!?"
    It's called.... a cup. :D

  • flyhound97
    flyhound97 yesterday

    Welcome to the future of the Olympics. 25 year old men that identify as 15 year old girls...

  • Marinesoldier54
    Marinesoldier54 yesterday

    ......Why so many dislikes?

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior yesterday+1

    Jesus these girls are beautiful!!! 😍

  • aman
    aman yesterday

    Plot twist- *they're transgenders*

  • A playlist
    A playlist yesterday

    I wanted them to also do turns on beam but they didn't 😑😢

  • Van Santos
    Van Santos 2 days ago

    Feminism is dead... thank God. Women like these are a breath of fresh air in today’s internet. Women can do anything and are better than man is some things, but so can men (that’s what EQUALITY means)... if you train in any craft you’re bound to excel. Gender has nothing to do with it.

  • Keaggan
    Keaggan 2 days ago

    The blonde chick is so fake I can't watch it I turned it off after a minute.....

  • Mike J
    Mike J 2 days ago

    The guy on beam doing aerial cartwheel to back tuck was awesome.

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno 2 days ago

    How? Simple male vs female genetics. Men and women are just built differently. It's not about one sex being better than the other.

  • Wayne Brogdon
    Wayne Brogdon 2 days ago

    Wow if a “Transgender” goes into women’s gymnastics , there goes my favorite. Sport

  • Addison Shepherd
    Addison Shepherd 2 days ago

    You guys have been my idols since I was a baby

  • Addison Shepherd
    Addison Shepherd 2 days ago

    Nastia my mom actually dated your brother when they were younger