Building A Beautiful Swimming Pool & Secret House Underground Using Bamboo

  • Published on:  1/19/2019
  • Building A Beautiful Swimming Pool & Secret House Underground Using Bamboo


  • Dr Monday
    Dr Monday 4 months ago+1288

    Phineas and Ferb of the jungle

  • Hermon Ekubatsion
    Hermon Ekubatsion 2 months ago+1247

    Them: no shoes
    Also them: high quality camera and charger

  • Envious but Prideful
    Envious but Prideful 1 months ago+171

    They haven't even talk to each other while building this

  • hartmanm9
    hartmanm9 1 months ago+349

    What goes through your minds when you guys build this stuff?
    “I’m bored”
    “Me too”
    “Let’s Build another Mayan temple”

  • XscapeTheThriller
    XscapeTheThriller 2 months ago+822

    I’m waiting for them to be like “building most beautiful rollercoaster in jungle”

  • Arianna
    Arianna 2 months ago+753

    These two would probably survive the end of the world

  • Randi Magee
    Randi Magee 1 months ago+320

    Ok, where did the other guy go,😂like he just ditched him and left the other guy to do all the work

  • Kira Hizuki
    Kira Hizuki 1 months ago+124

    Me: "I'm going to be more social"
    Also me: Spends 72 hours watches theses so I can built one and be able to avoid people for the rest of my life

  • H ! D D E N L Ø T U S
    H ! D D E N L Ø T U S 4 months ago +1232

    These videos make me want to go out in the Forrest and make my own buildings( even though I probably couldn’t lol.

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 2 months ago+268

    "You have 14 minutes and 7 seconds to live."

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 2 months ago+85

    the house: ° O °

  • Chris Larocca
    Chris Larocca 2 months ago+405

    There must be random huts and pools everywhere.
    Can’t do this in America ☹️
    Someone would need to profit off of this

  • Ben Crooks
    Ben Crooks 2 days ago+7

    One day I’m going to be walking through a jungle and find like 10 underground houses

  • Miss Nicole - VPA
    Miss Nicole - VPA 4 months ago+221

    I sure hope that whoever is recording this video is giving them all the profits from this channel. 🤔 I doubt it though.

  • Kookie baby you are my Euphoria

    He could be a real freaking civil engineer and build houses
    Like danm!! TALENT

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 21 days ago+37

    Them: no shoes or shirt
    Also them: hair cut, nice pants, no scars, amazing camera

  • anime4 life
    anime4 life 3 days ago+10

    Them: *intensely pats everything *

  • Envi
    Envi 1 months ago+44

    I need to force my husband to build a pool using his own hands. It will be cheaper.

  • Billie Fan
    Billie Fan yesterday+1

    OMG! Why didn’t i find this earlier? Aaaarghh, this is so good! This needs more views, likes and subscribers! Well done, talent!!

  • Shrimpy389
    Shrimpy389 2 months ago+72

    Someone walking through the jungle stumbles upon this and thinks, "OMG!!! I'm in The Shire and Hobbits ARE real!!! LOL