News Corner | What Nvidia & AMD Might Do At CES. Also, Nvidia Gets Sued

  • Published on:  1/4/2019
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  • Thomas Cowley 5 months ago

    Sorry: I was wrong, you were right

  • Raveet Grewal 5 months ago

    @Hardware Unboxed 😂

  • Thomas Cowley 5 months ago

    @Hardware Unboxed I never left a comment but did dislike (it's a like now). I really appreciate all the work you do on this channel but I presumed your ignorance in this case when in reality you were one of the only level headed ones!

  • Danny Vo 5 months ago


  • Freeze Speedy 5 months ago

    @BOOM ERANG Hype trains usually do have momentum before they crash...

  • ucliker 5 months ago

    BOOM ERANG but they don't have any good GPU’s.

  • mpk 666 5 months ago

    The Russian "retailer," isn't a retailer. It's the Russian version of PCPartPicker.

  • Mr_Beezlebub 5 months ago

    mike pk666 PCVodkaPicker

  • Shinukage 5 months ago

    lisa sue has already tweeted that they are talking about the new ryzen cpu and gpu

  • Donald Picard 5 months ago

    So I just went back and re-watched the Adored video. At no time did he mention any of these CPU's would be launched at CES, He did say they would more than likely be announced at CES. I tend to lean more towards them being announced and probably released sometime in the spring. So Like everyone else is saying we just have to wait and see. I do believe ultimately HU will be proven wrong.

  • ColtaineCrows 5 months ago

    IIRC the Zen+/Second Gen Ryzen was announced/unveiled at CES last year and launched in April or May. At least I'm pretty sure AMD has announced/unveiled at least one of their Zen CPUs at CES before. It fits with their release schedule. Announce early Q1 launch late Q1 or early Q2. Fairly sure consumer Zen 2 parts will be announced at CES.

  • Mate7 Phone 5 months ago

    Both adoredtv and hu have different sources. Let's believe whoever we want to believe. We will know next week. No need to argue.

  • The Saber 5 months ago

    I expect the Soulja boy next gen console so excited

  • Glomo 5 months ago

    Soulja gaming gang !!

  • A Dalmia 5 months ago

    @The Saber indeed. Lol.

  • RICHARD O'shea 5 months ago

    I don't know? This seems like a whole lot of unnecessary speculation on subjects soon to be illucidated.

  • John Kilpatrick 5 months ago

    RICHARD O'shea That’s why it’s called clickbait.

  • Iron Bars 5 months ago

    3:50 Now pardon me if I'm wrong, but doesn't CES stand for Consumer Electronics Show? Why would AMD talk about datacenters and AI and not talk about consumer products like Ryzen, Navi, Vega?

  • ucliker 5 months ago

    TheTrafto nowhere in that article does it give any facts that state AMD will be announcing anything. The entire article is based on speculation. I think they might have teasers and roadmaps and benchmarks but not the full details. If it happens that's great but I'm not holding my breath. I just hope Navi is something worth buying over Nvidia. Vega was and is a joke, RTX is also a joke.

  • Chiken Nuget 5 months ago

    Hardware Unboxed Think AMD invited a lot of gaming-oriented tech news channels, like Gamer Meld. The keynote will probably revolve around that

  • Aditya Sharma 5 months ago

    AMD will launch their Ryzen Lego Kit obviously

  • The Trashman 5 months ago

    I personally want an AMD equivalent of the Nintendo labo.

  • The Outlier 5 months ago

    You forgot to mention they come with customizable RGB.👍😁