Try Not To Eat Challenge - Anime Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

  • Published on:  11/15/2018
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  • REACT 7 months ago

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  • snoop dogg 7 months ago


  • Katelyn Mabry 7 months ago

    REACT jaxson and carson need to be together more!!!

  • Carla may aglipay 7 months ago

    Dont get the point of not eating every single one, when u already ate 1, cause u already lost anyways

  • Prince Orphee 7 months ago

    The ones who didn't eat are the real losers

  • Twenty One Gordons 7 months ago

    I agree xD

  • RICO 7 months ago

    Most Anime food are really tasty😏

  • Leanna Moore 7 months ago

    The way to win this is by eating all the food, then you really have won

  • Yes but i think the Ramen was really worth it

  • Brett Howard 7 months ago

    I have waited 16 years to find out what Chihiro's dad was eating in Spirited Away. And it turned out to be just a big dumpling....

  • Coc0aKri5p 7 months ago

    But like I feel Dionte is the real winner here

  • I always get so hungry watching anime foods 😍

  • Erxandale 7 months ago

    its harder for the viewers because for the viewers who are also hungry have to watch both the anime and the reactors eat WITHOUT EATING

  • Maya 7 months ago

    Either eat them all, or don't eat anything. If you even eat one you lose, so may as well make it worth it.

  • Maya 7 months ago

    @Jean Smith But you end up with a punishment if you even eat one food, so may as well get other foods too if you've already lost. If not, then yeah hold on since you get food all to yourself.

  • Jean Smith 7 months ago

    True but you have to eat a foot for each dish you try.