Dallas Nagaram Udayinche Vela | | Chicago Subbarao

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Wanna go to Dallas? Alright lets take you there, watch this video for a hilarious take on the lifestyle of Indians in Dallas

    Cast: Prudhvi Raj Sampara, Raviteja Cherughattu, Rohit Reddy Devulapally, Janaki Sunanda, Sateesh Peddaihgari, Venkat Devineni, Hima Sagar Yemineni, Raghava Rao Meesala.

    Cinematography: Kalyan Chappidi

    Assisted by: Touch Screenz Productions(Rohit Posina, Dinesh Dasari), Srikanth Busetty

    Written and Directed by: Prudhvi Raj Sampara

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  • anitha ravali
    anitha ravali 3 months ago+201

    I showed your previous video to my mom she really liked it. Infact she became your fans n saw all your videos. Since then I was waiting to show your next video. ..but unfortunately I lost her . Now I'm watching this video all alone. Love your videos. Good job anna

  • Gajula Sujatha
    Gajula Sujatha 18 hours ago

    Bro keep new videos

  • Uday K
    Uday K 2 days ago

    Just to give a little background , na peru Uday, I live in plano. I like most of your videos, great Job.
    I am here today to say I have an interesting story maybe you can use for your video. if interested let me know I can narrate the story.

  • vamsi maddali
    vamsi maddali 4 days ago

    Plz keep new videos fast

  • allison baum
    allison baum 5 days ago

    dubai seenu cinema gurthundha, kottude kottudu!!! nee abba!

  • allison baum
    allison baum 5 days ago

    eee channel aapaka pothe kojja naa kodaka dallas vachchi malli kottude kottudu!

  • allison baum
    allison baum 5 days ago

    orey lanja subbaraaavo kodaka, meelanti edavalu ante naaku allergy! thooo neee abba! mama daggara katnam gunji bathikeddamaney pichi kukka!

  • allison baum
    allison baum 5 days ago

    Seriously, bunch of losers! Why the fuck did you all move to US? Let me guess, so you can up your dowry! I didn't even speak Telugu in my BTech in Hyd. You people do not deserve to be here. Thank god, I don't live in Dallas with you all country bumpkins. I am in New York City with 2nd gens. You all are embarrassment to all Indians that have real jobs that pay more than $75000. Pathetic losers! I feel bad for that girl. She looks like she is being dragged into this bullshit life.

  • sai kiran
    sai kiran 7 days ago

    I insist bhayya matram kirak

  • Krishna Jyothi
    Krishna Jyothi 10 days ago

    Challa interesting ga undi, plz keep doing more videos bro 😍

  • Ramya P
    Ramya P 13 days ago

    Your videos are good and natural

  • Preetham Reddy
    Preetham Reddy 15 days ago

    The climax was enlightening

  • Shoaib Fawaz
    Shoaib Fawaz 16 days ago

    Nice concepts and your acting is superb ..... Comedy really need in the stress work life's...👍🏻

  • Nivedhitha Desapureddy

    Waiting for next video upload soon CS😍

  • bharath kumardk
    bharath kumardk 18 days ago

    Nice video :) keep it up :)

  • Ashraf Shaik
    Ashraf Shaik 26 days ago

    Waiting for your next one .. like your all videos.. please try to do more videos..

  • Nishwitha nishwithaK

    inks us gurinchi visesalu akkadi life style chepandi bro

  • musa ravean
    musa ravean a months ago

    mee updates sariga levu bro...2 months ki 3 months ki oka video release chestaru...interest potundi

  • Dallas Nagwshwara rao
    Dallas Nagwshwara rao a months ago

    ‘Casting’ Lo kuda ‘caste’ chuse naaa kodakallara.... thu mee batuku

  • Dallas Nagwshwara rao
    Dallas Nagwshwara rao a months ago

    Nee telivi tellarinatte undhi raaa ‘kamma’lesh 🤣🤣🤣