Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV

  • Published on:  1/29/2018
  • Red Velvet's 2nd Album Repackage "The Perfect Red Velvet" has been released.Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music[Tracklist]01 Bad Boy02 All Right03 피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)04 봐 (Look)05 I Just06 Kingdom Come07 Time To Love08 두 번째 데이트 (My Second Date)09 Attaboy10 Perfect 1011 About Love12 달빛 소리 (Moonlight Melody)Red Velvet Officialhttp://redvelvet.smtown.com Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  • i am shooketh
    i am shooketh 1 months ago+2362

    if red velvet makes another comeback with this concept, it's over for ya'll.

  • Ericcristinoong Ong
    Ericcristinoong Ong 14 days ago+3107

    Who still watched this MV in August???

    M DIARY 21 days ago+6594

    who owned bad boy era?
    Seulgi - Like
    Joy - Like
    Irene - Like
    Wendy - Like
    Yeri - Like
    All - Like

  • Gigi S
    Gigi S 5 days ago+466

    These outfits with the song makes me wanna get out of the house and wear cute ass clothes and just impress the heck out of people

  • TheSinStella
    TheSinStella yesterday+193

    Here after Umpah Umpah and I LOVE it, check it out if you haven’t watched it yet!

  • Just a girl.
    Just a girl. 7 days ago+1237

    My friends: Woa I love Blackpink.
    Me in a corner: bae joohyun, kang seulgi, son seungwang, park sooyoung, kim yerim

    GOT7 BLACKPINK 21 days ago+1297

    Red velvet is that kind of group
    Where they're ALL your biases.

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 7 days ago+650

    As a Reveluv it's so sad that Red Velvet's music is kinda underrated compared to Twice and Blackpink's

  • Lovely Channel
    Lovely Channel yesterday+43

    Who watch this after umpah umpah?!

  • Ines Reveluv
    Ines Reveluv 7 days ago+55

    Who's here after The Reve Festival Day 2 teaser ?

  • Jungwoo Snoopy
    Jungwoo Snoopy yesterday+16

    This and peekaboo are one of my favorite comebacks of girl groups 😊

  • Trenton
    Trenton yesterday+11

    So we all still admit that this is one of the best kpop songs ever. fr. it is.

  • silly rabbit
    silly rabbit 14 days ago+266

    SM confirms Red Velvet will make their comeback later in August!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
    No official date yet*
    Reveluvs get ready for Day 2!!!!

  • Al-Shaeed Muntasil
    Al-Shaeed Muntasil 1 months ago+4544

    2014: happiness is wellness
    2015: creepy is cute
    2016: murder is a game
    2017: proper diet awareness
    2018: bad boyyyS
    2019: carniFUCKINGval

  • Aecio Silva
    Aecio Silva 21 days ago +118

    I swear this is one of the best songs in kpop history. People will still be talking about this ages from now.

  • silly rabbit
    silly rabbit 7 days ago+480

    Ellie Goulding, Diplo, & Red Velvet Close to Me (Red Velvet Remix) won the 2019 Teen Choice Electronic/Dance Song Award!!!! 🎉

  • Mì Nā
    Mì Nā yesterday+7

    I like this bad song sooo much , we need another red velvet bad song

  • Roselyn Sunil
    Roselyn Sunil 14 days ago+156

    Goals for this year
    Power Up:100M
    Bad Boy: 250M
    Peek a boo: 180M
    Red Flavor: 150M
    Dumb Dumb: 150M

  • Nasrul Zaffrey
    Nasrul Zaffrey 2 months ago+907

    Do you prefer Bad Boy or Really Bad Boy?
    BB = Like
    RBB = Comment
    BOTH = L&C

  • Ilswon Park
    Ilswon Park yesterday+7

    Please I want this kind of concept to red velvet :<