Cooking Big Egg Fish with Egg Duck Recipe near River in Forest

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Samir Alrayes
    Samir Alrayes 10 months ago+1

    if your good In Photoshop why don't I love I'm the city?
    btw I'm not a hater I'm just asking

  • Blackmercy
    Blackmercy 11 months ago+47

    we all got clickbait

  • Eclipse Madness
    Eclipse Madness 11 months ago+74

    Why do they have to live in the nature when they're good at Photoshop

  • brazil okai
    brazil okai 11 months ago+2


  • Dr. K
    Dr. K 11 months ago

    Thumbnail, i thought was a GIANT GOLDFISH 😂

  • Gittil Sagar
    Gittil Sagar 11 months ago

    I think its them who invented PHOTOSHOP..

  • Infernian Fan
    Infernian Fan 10 months ago

    Pretty much every video I just saw from this channel is clickbait

  • Dicker Brummer
    Dicker Brummer 11 months ago

    Im from Germany ans That new for my but it looks yummy

  • Hòa KFC
    Hòa KFC 11 months ago


  • jessica d
    jessica d 11 months ago

    Who else is getting ASMAR from this

  • Ádám Medgyesi
    Ádám Medgyesi 11 months ago

    A csámcsogós kurva anyádat

  • Olivia
    Olivia 11 months ago

    They’re being held hostage blink three times if you’re in danger!

  • smokybs_ official
    smokybs_ official 11 months ago

    Love your channel!
    I have Baby Tiger fish ,, but they look pregnant ? Is that possible?
    Ive uploaded a video on my channel. Can you please look at it.?

  • Faith Obaseki
    Faith Obaseki 10 months ago

    Exactly do you know how stoves are expensive to have

  • azam shop
    azam shop 11 months ago

    Thumbnail fake use mat karo
    Nahi to sab report kar denge.
    Fir rona mat bachche log k jesa.
    Humlog itna mehnat karte hai.

  • boruto 7
    boruto 7 11 months ago

    I whatch these all the time and oddly satisfying

  • Daiane Mengotti Dai
    Daiane Mengotti Dai  11 months ago

    Baseoe u tivesi á capasidadedivaseiso🤗

  • Rayanna Steele
    Rayanna Steele 11 months ago

    Why did he look so mad when he caught the fly 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 11 months ago+1

    This vid shows us on how lucky we are to have food so thank your parents for the food you have

  • عصفوره عصفوره
    عصفوره عصفوره 11 months ago+2

    ايععععع هاي شنو 😲😲😲😨