Peddle Boat with a Gas Motor!

  • Published on:  2/4/2019
  • This was a fun build! Shortly after I got this boat, I realized it could be tough to operate if the wind and current was ripping. And if I was to rent this to people, I felt it should be more fun and less work.Now that I know the build was a success, I'll soon have a cool new, easy to operate boat for a family to rent. And like I mention in the video, I might just get another for those that aren't afraid to get a workout. Because, really, the Monaco DLX wasn't that bad right outta the box.My thanks to Pelican for the good deal on the boat And many thanks to Coleman. The lil outboard is doing great! And, of course to Scotty, for your continued support. Last, but not least, Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the creation of Zoffinger's. Patrons, renters and watchers of my videos all help make this possible!


  • Mark Decker
    Mark Decker 3 months ago+240

    When I began watching I expected to see something funny. What I found was a skilled builder that I truly enjoyed watching and appreciated. Thank you.

  • JeepYJ91
    JeepYJ91 6 months ago+390

    Reinstall that electric motor and fab up a hardtop for the boat with solar panels to keep the battery charged...

  • Paul Cameron
    Paul Cameron 5 months ago+170

    And I can’t even build ikea desk 🤦‍♂️

  • David Aron
    David Aron 14 days ago+9

    now put a 9.9hp 2 stroke motor on, thats been adjusted to 15hp 😏

  • bob
    bob 6 months ago+76

    put a merc 250 big tiller ..that il move it

  • Steve C.
    Steve C. 3 months ago+23

    This is incredible! The skill and craftsmanship is amazing! Everyone needs a friend like this guy!

  • Paul Spangler
    Paul Spangler 3 months ago+33

    Stay with the electric..dang wish I had that much free

  • 1pottercounty
    1pottercounty 4 months ago +19

    I’m a guy like you, there is a brotherhood of us who enjoy tinkering, inventing & creating unconventional things... nice job...

  • Nucu Pânzaru
    Nucu Pânzaru 8 hours ago

    Hi! One idea, I keep the pedals for engine problems! For electric engin there are need solar panel! Sorry for my english! And a frame fixe and more solid for roof. Good things! Nucu 👍

  • Matt
    Matt 3 days ago

    Thanks for brightening my day , marvellous !

  • Thomas It’s a secret lol

    Man that was so fast and done so beautifully I feel like I could build a boat just watching him lol

  • Telly Joossens
    Telly Joossens yesterday

    Should’ve kept it hybrid, so peddeling is also possible instead of using paddle’s. Now it’s just a regular motorized boat, which would be less expensive if bought already build. Also the place where you covered the old handle hole in the middle you could have made cup holders 😉 Overall still a nice build.

    MD BOAT GUY 6 months ago+101

    I agree some comments below; electric is the way to go. If a customer comes into your shop to rent the paddle boat (with motor) and is new to the water, even a small gas outboard could be a problem waiting to happen. A electric trolling motor with the right amount of thrust to move the paddle boat around at decent amount speed for a beginner or novice boater is the safest choice for you :-)

  • ISTP 196
    ISTP 196 6 months ago+16

    Q: Wouldn't the electric motor be better sneaking up on the fish? ;-) Great job though - I'd fit twin electrics . .

  • kyjarhead12
    kyjarhead12 6 months ago+2

    Two thumbs up for playing Kenny!

  • Benjamin Hunt
    Benjamin Hunt 3 days ago

    Just wondering, but could you put a hydrofoil in the space where the paddle wheel was to keep the nose down

  • Tim King
    Tim King 6 months ago+1

    Ive got a old paddle boat but am going to make it electric will post when done here

  • Tyler and Mindy Childress
    Tyler and Mindy Childress 6 months ago+37

    Pelican needs to hire you as a full time engineer! Your craftsmanship is 2nd to none! Great job!

    NORTHWEST HOOKSETTERS 5 months ago+1

    Got yourself a new subscriber. Good video sir

  • John Tellier
    John Tellier 5 months ago+1

    "Martyfied!" Did I just coin that??