What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?

  • Published on:  2/11/2018
  • What are the weirdest unsolved internet mysteries? Do you know what an internet black hole is? Is there internet that is deeper than the dark web?

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  • Jack Austin
    Jack Austin yesterday

    You bloody bastards will never uncover my identity
    that's the best line i've ever heard!

  • Stuti Doshi
    Stuti Doshi yesterday

    Oct 28 is my mum's birthday 😂😂😂

  • Emma Callender-Bohman

    What about 11B-X-1371?

  • Pink Lightning
    Pink Lightning yesterday

    Who said jack the ripper wasn't really Jane the ripper

  • Edward Severinsen
    Edward Severinsen 2 days ago+1

    Peter Skully is behind "Daisy's Destruction". He's an absolutely horrible "thing", he doesn't deserve to be called human.

  • ZypNix Ziz
    ZypNix Ziz 2 days ago

    Who create Dogecoin?

  • Magic Videos
    Magic Videos 2 days ago

    Cicada is the CIA idiots

  • Magic Videos
    Magic Videos 2 days ago

    We already know who Killed JFK

  • Salt The Rips
    Salt The Rips 3 days ago

    Snuff said

  • Kurosama
    Kurosama 3 days ago

    Don't expect me to even think about solving any of these because I can barely solve the Soduku puzzle on Easy mode.

  • Foxibird Tale Tale
    Foxibird Tale Tale 3 days ago

    Salad is just SALAD

  • MLG GamePlays!
    MLG GamePlays! 4 days ago

    Ciccada 3301

  • Kari
    Kari 4 days ago

    "All were posted with a 6 digit number." 5:48
    Me: oh, this one must be broken... Looks like he got a 7 digit number. x-D

  • Kari
    Kari 4 days ago

    I thought #7 was originally a single chic who admitted it was her on twitter and amassed a huge following who were active. Sadly the cartel killed her but the group is still active.

  • Zavier Baker
    Zavier Baker 5 days ago

    hi lol

  • ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy
    ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy 6 days ago


  • Skyron To
    Skyron To 6 days ago

    NEVER use your main phone to call someone on the dark web use a burn phone "RED ROOMS" are the name of the places where people get killed on the dark web

  • Parminder Singh
    Parminder Singh 7 days ago

    This is literally done for money. Jeez humans are primal.

  • Anh Nguyen Phuong
    Anh Nguyen Phuong 11 days ago

    that is a 7 numbers.

  • Frank Nitti
    Frank Nitti 13 days ago

    That POS, waste of life Peter Scully was an old nerdy dude without tattoos up & down his arms. Stop demonizing tattoos man