50 Scrambled Egg Challenge

  • Published on:  10/27/2017
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    MRBIGBLACKCOCK a years ago+13112

    I wonder how many buffets he is banned from

  • Nick Zimmermann
    Nick Zimmermann 21 days ago+485

    Matt: “I need a spoon”
    grabs shovel

  • gozu lumii
    gozu lumii 7 days ago+187

    0% bragging about money
    0% naked women
    0% swear words
    7000% daily intake of cholesterol

  • Swagminigamer simard
    Swagminigamer simard 7 days ago+217

    I can imagine his mom saying in the morning how many eggs 1 or 2
    Matt: yeah I’ll take 50 please

  • potato is good
    potato is good yesterday+7

    Stonie: Before we have some breakfast...
    50 eggs beside him

  • KylaWyla
    KylaWyla a years ago+4026

    How is this man so skinny tho. I’ll eat an ice cube and gain 10 pounds

  • potato is good
    potato is good yesterday+6

    Who tf has frying pans that big???
    Oh right Matt Stonie

  • Funny Gaming
    Funny Gaming 21 days ago+745

    Matt Stonie walks into store
    Cashier- Oh sh*t not this again
    Edit: wow so many likes 😃

  • Skate tube 40
    Skate tube 40 21 days ago+173

    Matt:*Walks into store*
    Matt: grabs megaphone
    Matt: you have 5 minutes before I clear the shelves after that you will never know when you will eat again

  • Night slash
    Night slash 21 days ago+487

    Camera man: This was eggsellent I can't eggspress how proud I am
    Me: isn't he eggshausted

  • Sushant Neupane
    Sushant Neupane 28 days ago+3348

    🐔: Lays egg for 60 days
    Matt: Eats it in 6 minutes
    🐔: Am i a joke to you

  • raviteja yakkaladevi

    You should try eating with hand. Increases your speed

  • Truth Exposer
    Truth Exposer yesterday+7

    This guy must have farted the whole week nonstop

  • Sidney Pelham 101
    Sidney Pelham 101 yesterday+3

    I only have 2 eggs and you still went faster than me!😱🤩🍳

  • Zbirus
    Zbirus yesterday+1

    Matt stonie when he was a child
    Mom: Kids! Im making scrambled eggs for you! How many eggs do you want?
    Me: I want 2 mom
    Matt Stonie: 50. Don't forget my diet coke.

  • Arjan
    Arjan a years ago+13953

    Matt Stonie dont need Protein
    Protein needs him

  • CapREX77
    CapREX77 21 days ago+185

    Eat them raw. That would be a real challenge.
    ...Yeah on second thought, don’t do that. Probably not safe.

  • Klaro Playz
    Klaro Playz yesterday

    Matt Stonie Walks In The Store

  • Gil Caspi
    Gil Caspi 14 days ago+57

    Normal people: 70% water
    Matt: 70% omelet

  • Jennifer Mount
    Jennifer Mount 16 hours ago

    End of the world.
    Matt: I’m starving
    Me: find food
    Matt: finds eggs
    Me: I’ll take 2
    Matt: sorry... all 50 eggs are gone..
    Me: 💀