The Reason I Hated Highschool

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Spechie
    Spechie  11 months ago+936

    I apologize if this video pisses you off and you feel the need to leave rude comments, but this is my final video about highschool i know they are negative and rant style. I apologize if that isnt your forte or you think im "full of myself" i just had a bad time in highschool, and part of that was my fault for being negative mean and not putting myself out there. I admitted that in the video. This is my final rant video about highschool, sorry if it outraged you.

  • Katzun
    Katzun 11 months ago+4596

    Bro I can’t wait till I graduate high school. I hate it. I have literally zero friends and it sucks

  • Jake Ragoo
    Jake Ragoo 11 months ago+351

    "Man, people really don't wanna talk to me."
    doesn't stand out from the crowd, ignores practically everybody, and when she finally stands out from the crowd, she thinks they're all fake instead of realizing that she can make a name for herself
    "Wow, everybody else sucks."

  • Fubluhh
    Fubluhh 10 months ago+380

    I blame the high school for all my issues even though I caused all those issues myself

  • nnnikola
    nnnikola 11 months ago+327

    imagine creating all these problems for yourself just bc u wanna feel edgy and not just act like a regular person but placing the blame on everyone around u. like,, it’s high school,, if you’re expecting everyone to be sweet and kind to you instantly while u put no actual work in it’s literally no wonder why your experience was shit while other people have great times there. this is better than any cringe comp at this point

  • Benayas
    Benayas 11 months ago+273

    It is on your part to make the first move. You can’t expect people to just fall over you. I don’t get friends from writing fan fiction

  • FroyoHead Animation
    FroyoHead Animation 11 months ago+1455

    The only thing high school teaches is how to deal with bs

  • Røses
    Røses 8 months ago+87

    If you give the minimum, you get the minimum.

  • An Ordinary Penguin
    An Ordinary Penguin 11 months ago+88

    Anyone else feel conflicted af? Like you understand the hate around Spechie and even agree with it sometimes but overall you still think Spechie is ok?

  • Brooklyn R
    Brooklyn R 11 months ago+72

    I understand being the quiet kid in school, my family moved a lot when I was in elementary school. I understand that, after one school I stopped trying to make friends but then I moved to middle school and I realized something.
    Friendship is a two way street, some people will come up to you but sometimes you need to go to others. The way that you worded it made it sound like you didn’t even try. Eating outside is what I see as your last resort.
    Maybe you didn’t have enough tables but you could have tried to go over to those kids who are in the same boat as you and you could have maybe find more friends.
    I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good highschool experience, I hope that you have a better future. Your art is very good and I hope that you get better.
    I doubt that you’ll read this but it’s some advice
    Have a nice day

  • Jayne Pelletier
    Jayne Pelletier 11 months ago+554

    You would say how no one would approach you, and how people were rude, when at the same time you say you were always rude and negative yourself ...

  • Silvio Grijalva
    Silvio Grijalva 11 months ago+475

    Funny how lame the merch is

  • honeytown
    honeytown 11 months ago+464

    I don’t think those kids wanted to be friends with you for “fame”... sure, you’re sort of known now bc of all the drama going around, but you weren’t and still aren’t any Logan Paul or some other popular YouTuber. Most of those people probably started talking to you bc they found you interesting and thought you’d be a cool friend. And why didn’t they talk to you before?? Because you didn’t try to put yourself out there and make friends. You wanted friends to come to you. Well in twelfth grade, looks like they did, bc they liked your personality and the things you’re interested in and thought you would make a good friend!! But then you snap at them? YouTube was pretty much the only chance for others to get to know you, so obviously some people are going to approach you.
    Its not exactly clear in this video wheather you acknowledged this fact or not, but just putting this out there like the other 70% of the comments.
    You really overreacted back in high school, and your viewpoint stil hasn’t changed much. Your “I’m not like other girls!” act was and is something that ate at your personality to just leave all of this negativity. With your advice at the end, “be more positive”, take that advice now. Your entire life did not just only consist of high school. On YouTube, you still have a negative outlook on things. Putting on personas for the audience is great, but making your entire face of all of that negativity and hate is not a good look for you. It only infuriates your audience and gathers some... interesting people in your fan base.
    I highly encourage you to realize that this persona you put on for the camera, even if it’s not a persona, is not pleasant to watch. You say that you know you were a cold heart person in high school, but you haven’t seemed to change much from high school. You’re still a cold hearted, spiteful person now and I encourage you to ponder about this and improve your outlook on life. It’s not all shit. Even if it is, experiencing shit all day can help you appreciate the flowers.
    I know you’re probably not going to see this, but you seem to have barely changed since high school and your negativity pisses a lot of people off.

  • Raven
    Raven 11 months ago+236

    ig you can't really complain about not having friends and stuff if you were being really negative and anti social.. i learned you need to go up to people and figure out who's who, most likely they wont go up to you

  • Jessie E
    Jessie E 11 months ago+108

    Tldr - "I made things harder for myself, but don't care to take responsibility for my actions."

  • Kathy Fr
    Kathy Fr 10 months ago+358

    “I had a bad sleep schedule and anaemia, so I was always tired..
    ..that’s a reason why I hated the school.”
    ??? 😅

  • holyavocat
    holyavocat 11 months ago+513

    This is pessimistic and hypocritical, it comes off as “I’m the only person worthwhile at my school, and am the only one capable of interesting conversation and having cool hobbies.” If you opened up more and didn’t go in with a shallow and close minded POV I’m sure your highschool experience would’ve been different.

  • Laura Espinoza Moreno
    Laura Espinoza Moreno 11 months ago+575

    I really don’t like people like you. I’ve watched all of your videos on high school and I understand where you’re coming from and your choices are your choices but uGGHHHH.
    You sound like an edgy 9 nine year old that never grew out of that phase. I have anemia too but I don’t use it as an excuse to be lazy and sleep in. I have depression and social anxiety but I don’t dwell all alone and never talk to anyone. I don’t have many goals for my future but I don’t stop trying and give the minimum.
    I know you don’t care about my opinion but I said it anyways.

  • Xorrin
    Xorrin 11 months ago+50

    I think you should color the pupils, your character looks a little bit like a snake D: Or maybe it's intentional?

  • Christina Brenkman
    Christina Brenkman 10 months ago+46

    ok not gonna hate too much but u might have enjoyed you highschool a little more if u put in effort to get friends and good grades