The Reason I Hated Highschool

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Spechie
    Spechie  2 months ago+584

    I apologize if this video pisses you off and you feel the need to leave rude comments, but this is my final video about highschool i know they are negative and rant style. I apologize if that isnt your forte or you think im "full of myself" i just had a bad time in highschool, and part of that was my fault for being negative mean and not putting myself out there. I admitted that in the video. This is my final rant video about highschool, sorry if it outraged you.

  • Jaune Ork
    Jaune Ork an hour ago

    Is it possible to be a morally correct yet selfish and hateful person? I hated everyone. I wanted attention i craved it... i annoyed people. i acted like a spazoid and such. but i'd also stand up against bullies. i got into a lot of semi-fights in school. i went through 12 schools during grade 1 to twelve because of my dust ups. and yet i continued to be picked on. now i want to be a police officer. im striving towards law in college and im going to arrest the future bullies. AKA criminal scum.

  • Alina Elzanaty
    Alina Elzanaty 18 hours ago

    I’m in the 2nd year of collage and I’m fucking dead☠️

  • Blank Booze
    Blank Booze yesterday

    People don’t like you not because there’s something wrong with them but because there’s wrong with you. Geez, I’m so sorry people had the nerve to approach you. Just because people become more interested in you because you have a YouTube channel doesn’t mean their using you. Get over yourself.

  • Charles Burrows
    Charles Burrows yesterday

    Freshman year: I moved to a new town, I had had an anxiety disorder, introverted, knew no one, little confidence. I was self conscious about my acne and I would wear foundation to cover it (I’m a guy btw) I grew my hair out long to cover my forehead so no one could see my acne but my greasy hair made it worse. I made some friends but it was a pretty small pool
    Sophomore year: I stopped wearing hoodies to cover myself with a hood all the time, no much changed though. I still was shy and anxious.
    Junior year: I opened up a tiny bit, not much though. I had been into sports all my life until high school when I moved and became closed off and so anxious. But I decided to get back in, it was hard to take that step but I’m glad I did. I did cross country and track, making some good friends from it and gaining more confidence in myself, especially from track.
    Senior year: I got my first and current girlfriend (3 1/2 years now) over the summer. Somehow, just having that one different factor over the summer made me change completely. I cut my hair short, began going to parties, getting involved with school rallies, acting in drama class. A bit over 2 years later I’ve been boxing for a year, wanting to compete in a few months possibly, I’m exercising 3 to 4 days a week, no more facial acne after eating cleaner and sleeping more. Honestly it’s almost alarming how fast things changed for me from good to bad, but for anyone else if it can happen for me, a scrawny, greasy haired, anxious, shy, nerdy, low-self esteem, pimply faced guy, than it can happen to anyone if you just change your behavior, whether it be eating better, exercising more, or whatever, but just try to put the effort in
    Also side note: I got absolute shit grades until senior year when I had to catch up a shit ton to graduate, almost didn’t.

  • Gino the lazy boy

    Didn't everyone hated high school?

  • Tadanielle t
    Tadanielle t yesterday

    Lol high school sucked I had literal had no friends for a long time

  • Ace McKnight
    Ace McKnight yesterday

    Puertorican school I slept through 99% of it and passed great job low standards

  • NinjaKIngAce
    NinjaKIngAce 2 days ago

    Fun fact: Teenagers need more sleep than adults, but they don't get tired 'til around 11:00 pm. So, most teenagers don't get enough sleep, before they're forced to wake up for school. So if you're in high school and you feel sleepy in the morning, it's because you're getting an unhealthy lack of sleep.
    The worst part is, this wasn't always the case. High school used to start later, but they moved it up to save money; so they won't have to spend as much on school buses

  • These Roses Have Thorns

    I’m almost in my 3rd year and I have a shitty attitude, I only have a couple of friends and I hang with one group of friends *(they’re practically my only friends)* as one of my best friends is dating a skank. I look like a rejected member of Palaye Royal when I put on makeup *(which I used to always do)* and all I do is listen to my music because I’m bullied for liking My Chemical Romance and all that. Oh and I have people mocking my laugh because it’s “fake”. I also have one boy calling me a cunt, throwing paper balls at me, calling me a bitch, flipping me the bird and kicking me in the back of my legs. But I’ve been dealing with bulling since year 2

  • XHaxx xHaxx
    XHaxx xHaxx 2 days ago

    yesh we r very alike (u r that real 00_2 in highschool :} i go home at 4.15 😭 )

  • 壊けKowake
    壊けKowake 2 days ago

    Yeah... Freshman year was shit... I'd rather not remember it... I just need to graduate and get out of this school -_- . I have few friends, people think I'm weird and edgy, I hardly sleep, and school is killing me slowly. But what the actual fuck is with all of the hate comments? You people have nothing better to do than to watch a 10 minute video just so that you can be an ass online? That's kinda sad. And I thought I had no life.

  • Infinity Mixtapes
    Infinity Mixtapes 2 days ago

    This girl reminds me of Hannah Baker- bitchy, self righteous, hypocritical, and blames everyone but themselves for their problems

  • Flip my life lol
    Flip my life lol 3 days ago

    I hate school I love anime and love YouTube and love to sing

  • 3301
    3301 3 days ago

    Yeah same my highschool years were the worst until 12th grade and so on College

  • Angeles Gallegos
    Angeles Gallegos 3 days ago+1


  • strange AF things
    strange AF things 3 days ago

    omfg. you are my frickin doppelganger! your life in school is MINE.

  • XxkillerslumberXx X

    👏🏻👏🏻 AMEN SISTER

  • HoW To-Roblox
    HoW To-Roblox 4 days ago

    Im in highschool I'm in the 9th and I got beat up by a boy in the 10th and they asked him why he fought me and he answered because he thought I said something to him

  • Alastor ,S
    Alastor ,S 4 days ago

    *In conclusion* : Introvert *sucks*