70th Emmy Awards: We Solved It!

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • The 70th Annual Primetime Emmys Opening Number - “We Solved It!”! (Featuring Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, Kristen Bell, Sterling K. Brown).


  • Janice Tiu
    Janice Tiu 11 months ago+705


  • Coletha Albert
    Coletha Albert 11 months ago+538

    It's an honor just to be Asian.... oh Sandra Oh🤣

  • Will Low
    Will Low 11 months ago+274

    Andy Samberg playing a white guy is a stretch

  • jenni
    jenni 11 months ago+427

    Well that wasn't cringy at all.

  • Simmonds
    Simmonds 11 months ago+257

    these god damn theater kids.

  • Fischeta Ainindiva
    Fischeta Ainindiva 11 months ago+457

    they should've host the emmy

  • La Femme Fictionale
    La Femme Fictionale 11 months ago+346

    Tituss is going full Tituss and I love it.

  • Phoenix Dawn
    Phoenix Dawn 11 months ago+8

    Kate McKinnon's suit is amazing!

  • Blue101 Blue102
    Blue101 Blue102 11 months ago+112

    Even as a Democrat I can concur that the emmys just gets more cringe worthy every year

  • killersushi99
    killersushi99 11 months ago+335

    Here's what you didn't solve. Viewership dropping by %30.

  • heapbag
    heapbag 11 months ago+122

    I didn't see a dancer in an iron lung. Poliophobes.

  • suzawilo
    suzawilo 11 months ago+285

    This was funnier than the opening🙄

  • Lex
    Lex 11 months ago+16

    where are the asians singing?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 months ago+9

    Turn your TV off.

  • Krobb350
    Krobb350 11 months ago+35

    Yep they solved it alright, way to make the ratings crash even lower congrats.

  • Renzo King
    Renzo King 11 months ago+21


  • Verity Victory
    Verity Victory 11 months ago+8

    News flash Hollywood: Lack of diversity is your fault. Its your business. The average person does not control your programs. Don't blame us for your flaws.

  • Musty Bryce
    Musty Bryce 11 months ago+4

    What no Black women?

  • New Message
    New Message 11 months ago+41

    Not one octogenarian in the bunch. * shakes head slowly *

  • Manciu Dorin
    Manciu Dorin 11 months ago+2

    if only they could solve the massive homeless population in california
    since 90% of this celebrities live there you think they would care but NOPE