First Look: iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR - Hands-On Impressions | WIRED



  • Bloodraw850
    Bloodraw850 11 months ago+1128

    LOL at 1:48 the guy dropped the phone and the look on his face was great lol

  • Pro Genji
    Pro Genji 11 months ago+935

    I came here because Apple disabled comments on their YouTube ad lmao

  • Wood Slayer
    Wood Slayer 11 months ago+187

    Imma stick with my ipod😂

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper 11 months ago+225

    I don't believe all that stuff about how durable the glass is. I wish you had dropped it so we could see.

  • Ben Bublil
    Ben Bublil 11 months ago+209

    Where's the other twin?

  • akui88
    akui88 11 months ago+115

    i think its time i upgrade my iphone 6 to the iphone 8!
    so excited!

  • Car Brand
    Car Brand 11 months ago+73

    The only redeeming thing in this video is Lauren <3

  • Beatness
    Beatness 11 months ago+250

    I know it's not actually pronounced that way, but I think the name "iPhone Excess" is really accurate.

  • zbender7
    zbender7 11 months ago+4

    Why is everyone so concerned about the price? ...just don’t buy it if you think it’s too expensive or can’t afford it 🤔🤔

  • Void Surfer
    Void Surfer 11 months ago+291

    iphone xs= iphone eXpensive
    iphone xs max - iphone max eXpensive
    iphone xr = iphone eX(8)-replacement

  • Key
    Key 11 months ago+31

    I'll just stick with my iPhone 6 Plus . Idk why they took out the headphone jack

  • kyle flora
    kyle flora 11 months ago+249

    up next:
    iPhone X²
    edit: thanks for the likes!
    my ig's @kvleflora

  • S S
    S S 11 months ago+108

    Another sad day for Steve Jobs

  • Nurkan ÇINAR
    Nurkan ÇINAR 11 months ago+1006

    ... Money Trap

  • Krishi Kirch
    Krishi Kirch 11 months ago+8

    No sticking with my IPhone 7 Plus which is in perfect condition

  • nirew zturg
    nirew zturg 11 months ago+246

    😅😅😆 apple disabled their comment section to avoid hate flood comments..

  • RandomTechS@#T
    RandomTechS@#T 11 months ago+264

    If 2017 X sells for $800 you are better off getting that rather than the R

  • Ronald David
    Ronald David 11 months ago+80

    “Doesn’t really look like the iPhone X?” It looks exactly like last years iPhone X wth lol. Only worth upgrading if you go to the max series. But $1100 gtfo

  • JesseOsby
    JesseOsby 11 months ago+180

    Why bother making them in different colors when everyone keeps theirs inside a case because they're slippery as a bar of soap?

  • R
    R 11 months ago+4

    Just preordered the XS Max in the color gold! Who else? 🙋‍♀️