First Look: iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR - Hands-On Impressions | WIRED



  • Bloodraw850 9 months ago

    LOL at 1:48 the guy dropped the phone and the look on his face was great lol

  • sammi yuiek 4 months ago

    hahhaa rihc

  • cowgba 9 months ago


  • Pro Genji 9 months ago

    I came here because Apple disabled comments on their YouTube ad lmao

  • one dolla snake 5 months ago

    Pygmy Puff probably due to assdriods can’t take anything

  • Alyssa Bullock 9 months ago

    Pro Genji YO, SAME

  • Wood Slayer 9 months ago

    Imma stick with my ipod😂

  • RZX 9 months ago

    the ipod is dead and they are not making any anymore and you should get a iPhone 7

  • Tatianna Baker 9 months ago

    The iPhone 6 is amazing lmao i lowkey like it better than the X but I don’t miss the bezels and the sound is 10x better

  • Sam Harper 9 months ago

    I don't believe all that stuff about how durable the glass is. I wish you had dropped it so we could see.

  • Joel 9 months ago

    yes, please demonstrate. How tough can you make glass? it's glass!

  • apllDgrapllD 9 months ago

    KorRezo Motorola has several phones in the past with shatter proof but they’re not made of glass except for the actual amoled, they’ve had commercials running them over with forklifts.

  • Ben Bublil 9 months ago

    Where's the other twin?

  • Dionisius Kusuma 9 months ago

    @ACE112ACE112 watch the Verge video, you'll understand

  • ACE112ACE112 9 months ago

    Can someone explain this twin thing

  • Void Surfer 9 months ago

    iphone xs= iphone eXpensiveiphone xs max - iphone max eXpensive iphone xr = iphone eX(8)-replacement

  • Alex Crow 9 months ago

    AHAHAHAH! Omggg!!! Idiot

  • PePe The Frog 9 months ago

    TheChickenRiceBowl aww look at another poor person defending another poor person. 😂❤️ #peasants

  • kyle flora 9 months ago

    up next:*_iPhone X²_*edit: thanks for the likes!my ig's @kvleflora

  • apple's lover 9 months ago

    kyle flora no it's iphone Y

  • Beatness 9 months ago

    I know it's not actually pronounced that way, but I think the name "iPhone Excess" is really accurate.

  • Stan ezen one month rent? That depends where u live and what house/apartment

  • Kamal Sahoo 9 months ago

    it costs 5 months salary in india.

  • akui88 9 months ago

    i think its time i upgrade my iphone 6 to the iphone 8!so excited!

  • RZX 9 months ago

    my 6 is cracked and slow and I’m prob upgrading

  • Jessie Wade 9 months ago

    I did about a month ago.

  • Nurkan ÇINAR 9 months ago

    ... Money Trap

  • KongSchlong 9 months ago

    @Brandon Ramos I literally pre ordered a XS max 256gb so yes I can buy it lmao. I go to university and get a high paying job in the summer, its not hard to afford this phone if you have an IQ above 7