• Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • David Dobrik
    David Dobrik 11 months ago+10007

    GUYS THIS IS MY SECOND CHANNEL!! Not my main channel hahah. Stop saying how this is longer than 4:20 lol.
    Also! I’m following no one back on my instagram this week only!!

  • Dinhema
    Dinhema 11 months ago+2630

    I've never seen someone contribute more to their own gay rumors than David lmao.

  • BabesTV
    BabesTV 11 months ago+1056

    taking bets on David's sexuality!

  • Muslimah Foreverxx
    Muslimah Foreverxx 11 months ago+405

    3:31 Scotty: “David, I just want to say I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you.”
    5:21 David convincing Scott that he is good enough for him.

  • Georgia Like The State
    Georgia Like The State 11 months ago+749

    You know that David isn't getting enough money or views when he's sponsored by TIK TOK AKA MUSICALLY

  • TheAliLife
    TheAliLife 11 months ago +120


  • Nesteruk
    Nesteruk 11 months ago+2677

    who’s tiktok?? why you cheating on seatgeek...

  • StoryMaker Upper
    StoryMaker Upper 11 months ago+137

    that acting at the end felt a little too real 😂

  • Hanis Burzic
    Hanis Burzic 11 months ago+264

    Jo bro why r u cheating on seet geek.

  • Hugieo
    Hugieo 5 months ago+48

    4:03 when you have to prove to your family that you aren't gay

  • Becca PXZ
    Becca PXZ 11 months ago+123

    David: “idk why people think I’m gay” also David: 5:19

  • Anna&Stef
    Anna&Stef 11 months ago+1490

    jason pulling his kids aside bc they didn’t laugh at david’s joke was the funniest thing ever

  • Aye Summuh
    Aye Summuh 1 months ago+34

    How Jason fake laughs is how I actually laugh😂😂

  • imzarxki
    imzarxki 11 months ago+21

    "Some relationships turn out okay"
    Me : ...
    5 Minutes Later
    Me crying in the corner : WHY LIZA? WHY DAVID? WHY?!

  • emii
    emii 11 months ago+74

    i feel like all of david’s “gay” moments are really building up to him coming out but like i’m wrong so

  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 11 months ago+41

    The reference to the podcast had me dead , “laugh even though you know it’s not funny” originally David said this to Jason.. and now here’s a bit where Jason is saying it to his own kids 😂

  • Bigbfa
    Bigbfa 11 months ago+1575

    Someone make a “David being gay for 10 minutes straight” video please

  • Alvania Simmons
    Alvania Simmons yesterday

    Hearing Chronixx song in this video was a big deal for me ❤🤣

  • alexis ducreay
    alexis ducreay 10 months ago+14

    5:20 that was..everything.
    im too gay wtf

  • honeynutcherrihoes
    honeynutcherrihoes 11 months ago+10

    David. Its okay just come out! We’ll still support you 🤣🤣🤣
    No but why did they lowkey look cute at the end 😭😭 ships anyone??