Umbrella Academy: What The Characters Should Have Looked Like

  • Published on:  6/9/2020
  • How These Umbrella Academy Characters Almost Looked

    When My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, conceived of Umbrella Academy he probably never foresaw it’s future popularity.

    Okay, so maybe he knew it would be a hit at Dark Horse Comics, but there’s no way he could see it becoming a hit Netflix original series. Which brings us to the point of this video. Yes, you’re here to learn all about the difference in the characters from the comic book personas to their streaming debut. It’s all so exciting, isn’t it?

    You’re about to hear all about the famous Hargreeves children like Luther, Klaus, Diego, Ben, Vanya, Allison, and Number Five. However, there’s way more in this jam-packed video about all the characters you want to know about it. We even get to massively changed characters like The Conductor and The Handler. Plus, we even mention Cha-Cha and Hazel, because who could forget those two lovable side villains.

    No character was safe from our critical lens. Trust us, you’ll find plenty of surprises in this one.

    You’re never going to see Klaus the same way after seeing this list, but honestly, the same could be said for every member of the Umbrella Academy. The casting team took a lot of creative liberties on this one you guys.

    Comic books are a special form of media that tend to be difficult to faithfully adapt. It appears Umbrella Academy is no different, but it’s time for you to decide.

    Sit back, click play, and enjoy another all-time video from The Binger!

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