I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

  • Published on:  7/14/2019
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  1 months ago+2788

    Subscribe y’all! Much love and thank you for watching ❤️ - Thomas

  • ovoq
    ovoq 1 months ago+2792

    Pizza guy: can i have a tip?
    Yes Theory: did you mean trip ?

  • Mason’s Life
    Mason’s Life 1 months ago+1160

    How ironic they’re bringing the Pizza guy to italy😂

  • martin mujunen
    martin mujunen 1 months ago+1540

    Next episode: A week without looking at the time.

  • SuJen G
    SuJen G 1 months ago+476

    I wish he didn’t know who they were. It kind of took away the element of surprise into trusting a stranger because he knew they would come through with actually doing it. Alas it was still nice.

  • Comments only
    Comments only 1 months ago+969

    The guy knew what was coming when they asked if he had a passport. I would have been freaking out!

  • 2stefan2000
    2stefan2000 1 months ago+2642

    Next episode: "Sneaking into Area 51 wearing a safety vest."

  • August Wolf
    August Wolf 1 months ago+732

    he should be the photographer for your clothing line

  • Jared Priddy
    Jared Priddy 28 days ago+279

    "We are gonna reveal it at the airport" (Thomas pulls up) YO you ready to go to italy? Literally everyone: Dude wtf

  • Gibby Maroon
    Gibby Maroon 1 months ago+216

    This is literally the only channel I would buy merch from.

  • Wra8h
    Wra8h 1 months ago+310

    I'm one of those 55% who aren't subscribed. Thanks for the reminder, just subscribed.

  • David Camus
    David Camus 1 months ago+2974

    You casually giving that homeless guy a pizza made me happy

  • Robin Tegner
    Robin Tegner 1 months ago+303

    "Do you speak Italian?"
    "Si, no comprende"

  • Joey Tribbiani
    Joey Tribbiani 1 months ago+174

    Me completed watching this video
    Applies for passport

  • Forever Woof
    Forever Woof  1 months ago+49

    I have a video idea: you should find s couple that is engaged and ask if you could be their wedding planner! It would be hard but fun

  • Bruhliant
    Bruhliant 1 months ago+85

    What if yes theory hires John for a photography job

  • Magic
    Magic 1 months ago+2988

    photographer and pizza delivery guy?? he is Peter Parker

  • Ningsang Longchar
    Ningsang Longchar yesterday+2

    Pizza delivery guy and photographer? That guy spider Man!

  • DanTheDino
    DanTheDino 7 days ago+9

    Who else is getting Spider-Man vibes from this

  • Jess sseJ
    Jess sseJ 1 months ago+49

    “Yes theory right?”
    “Hahaha yeah, should we ask him?”
    Imagine if they didn’t answer them because he knows what they do. I would be so hurt.