Why Heart Attacks Are Common for American Vacationers

  • Published on:  6/14/2019
  • Heart attacks are the No.1 cause of death of Americans on vacation, according to one Manhattan cardiologist. The world was in shock when “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini died of a heart attack during vacation in Italy in 2013. The husband of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg died the same way on vacation with his family in 2015. Manhattan cardiologist Dr. Jennifer Haythe said vacations can be stressful. “People change their routines. They eat more than usual, they may drink a lot of alcohol."


  • Ryan Jonas 1 months ago

    If your vacation is stressful. You're doing it wrong.

  • African Girl a months ago


  • Grizzly ER 1 months ago

    to l lie, not everyone dies from a heart attack so no

  • * Penny * 1 months ago

    Lol Dominican Republic going to be a lifetime movie soon.

  • Eevee 28 days ago

    Lol "Penny proud"

  • SuperBeavers 1 months ago

    The Dominicans: Attack of the Hearts

  • Inspector Steve 1 months ago

    The lesson don't be lazy and think you can be extremely active on vacation.

  • n/a 1 months ago

    those people where poisoned, quit pretending its natural cause

  • RalphyHx 17 days ago

    Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack.(CDC)

  • Only One Way 28 days ago

    Olgales Suida “Definitely”, really? What definitive evidence do you have, Detective?

  • Midnight Cravings 1 months ago

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    The infamous crawfish chef

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    I can be miserable at home

  • Chad Weaver 1 months ago

    *Paid for by the Dominican republic*

  • Chad Weaver 20 days ago

    @RalphyHx duh I do! That's why I get my facts off YouTube of course. This is a fake news channel's page anyway!

  • RalphyHx 20 days ago

    @Chad Weaver so you'll conveniently believe what the media says but question an official American safety travel agency?

  • Erik Schmidt 1 months ago

    Next on Inside Edition...Why living is dangerous

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    Erik Schmidt is it not?

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    Inside Edition has turned vacationing in the Dominican republic on its ear with people canceling and rescheduling...

  • EDM FUNNY 1 months ago

    Well their not wrong.

  • Gloria TX 1 months ago

    These were no regular heart attacks, and you know it, IE. Just stop it ✋

  • RalphyHx 17 days ago

    Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack.(CDC), back to you Doctor Gloria.

  • Juan Delacruz 29 days ago

    Yeah what's your diagnosis Doctora Gloria???

  • Charles Ding 1 months ago

    Did Inside Edition literally say "she was just told that she passed away from a heart attack" at 0:40

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    Charles Ding sounds like a you problem

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    @Thomas K I hate you for pointing out my imperfections