Abby Says Yolanda Is CRAZY | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 7

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - is a clip from Season 8 Episode 7. Hope you enjoy!


  • PancAke Waffles 97 13 days ago

    is it just me or does Presley always look like she’s about to cry

  • Blair McCarley 2 hours ago

    Better save them for the pillow

  • QuietPuppy83669 13 hours ago

    PancAke Waffles 97 she looks like she just got thru crying

  • Vincent Guibert 12 days ago

    Why does Gianna (Abby's assistant) look depressed in every single episode

  • best ever God you’re pretentious.

  • best ever 4 days ago

    @That Thing You See At The Corner Of Your Eye okay well depressed means being generally unhappy all the time.. they never said that they meant that "she looked wornt out" or tired they said depressed and i think they meant depressed & people were talking about how abby "abuses her" or some shit.. if you're not a doctor then don't try to diagnose people with serious illnesses (to those who were saying she was depressed and being abused or whatever, not you)

  • Mek-Anne Channel 13 days ago

    Yolanda seems drugged. lol.

  • Sarah Liao an hour ago

    i think she is

  • kezzo jones an hour ago

    @mahgob sabeel i take it you are a yolanda fan...... along with thousands of stranglers sorry strangers.......A warning lable needs placing on yolanda stating stranger danger ( may at times push you with her hands around your neck )

  • AmberAlert Aldc 13 days ago

    I definitely need a new Elli vs lilly showdown but both in the same style. Because Lilly always won because of Acro

  • cheese pizza 11 days ago

    Mickey Fam wow thanks for sharing that with us

  • Kelly Grace 11 days ago

    Mickey Fam what???

  • Ashley Kaitlyn 13 days ago

    Ok Presley is officially the new Paige based off of Abby’s “critiques” and what she’s saying about her

  • Cynthia Fonseca 12 days ago

    and gianna is the new kendel

  • Jameelia Moonrise 12 days ago

    @Elizabeth Shipp She had more flexibility

  • JURIELLA DE OCAMPO 13 days ago

    i really thought yolanda and stacie sort things out on jordan matter.

  • Amanda Esmeier an hour ago


  • I am a girl an hour ago

    The Producers just want drama they probably did

  • Allyson Kathryn 13 days ago

    If Presley is mediocre than wow mediocre is pretty amazing

  • Aubrey Child 10 days ago

    Fur reel

  • Layla Jonas 13 days ago

    All the moms whine about Abby's behavior, you'd think after watching 7 seasons before they would realize what kind of an environment it is

  • MsJubjubbird 8 days ago

    Because everyone thinks their little snowflake is special. Then they find out they're not and it's shock horror. Plus Abby is old school in her teaching methods. It is about discipline, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and being honest and realistic. Modern parenting is all about sugar-coating things and ensuring the kid never feels uncomfortable and wrapping them in cotton wool. So the parents are shocked when they see their little angel is put out of their comfort zone

  • Jameelia Moonrise 12 days ago

    @Haddy’s World No one thinks her treatment of children is okay. They're commenting that the moms continuously act surprised when Abby insults and yells at their children. The first two seasons alone should've been enough for them to know it is an unhealthy environment.

  • Vanna Shark 13 days ago

    I love how Abby calls them mediocre, but they could destroy every one of us in a dance contest.EDIT: Don't take this so seriously, it's a joke.

  • tea bitch 7 hours ago

    @Kimberly Tini Evans girl get over yourself you're probably shite as well

  • Bianca Jean 3 days ago

    @Kimberly Tini Evans dude did you not see her say it was a joke

  • “Don’t get too close to the strangler” and then gets annoyed with Yolanda for responding

  • Dani and Kk Vlogs 2 days ago

    IKR! she asked for it!

  • Juri Wostok 4 days ago

    @MsJubjubbird wasn't she the one that "diagnosed" her with DID as an insult? I don't want to overdramatize things but as a person who actually suffers from severe mental disorders hearing her using something I got diagnosed with as an insult to bully another woman made me really mad. No psychologist should do something like that especially not on national TV. Wonder if she got in trouble because of that.