trick or bear

  • Published on:  9/9/2018
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  • Some One 愛
    Some One 愛 11 months ago+625

    The real question is the trick a different bear or the same bear?

  • Times New Rowan
    Times New Rowan 11 months ago+839


  • Powah
    Powah 11 months ago+1693

    This was BEARY good.

  • izzy.exe
    izzy.exe 11 months ago+561


  • Presque Vu
    Presque Vu 11 months ago+377

    I choose "or."

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie 11 months ago+1193

    I'll take one please. I'll teach it how to play cards, and play dice, and load artillery, and drink Vodka. Typical Russian Bear things.

  • Fusion Force
    Fusion Force 11 months ago+491

    Who needs notifications when your life revolves around YouTube

  • Tarmo Erik Tali
    Tarmo Erik Tali 11 months ago+149

    B E A R S A R E I L L E G A L N O W

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams 11 months ago+53

    I love how calm the guy is despite the roaring bear.

  • That one guy
    That one guy 11 months ago+46

    All the puns in this comment section will be
    trust me I am done with myself too

  • Smiley the Smile
    Smiley the Smile 11 months ago+436

    This is how we celebrate Easter here in Russia.

  • Investing Book Summaries
    Investing Book Summaries 11 months ago+314

    The trick is that it will ALWAYS be a bear!

  • Dio Drando
    Dio Drando 11 months ago+204

    What a twist!

  • Gracey K
    Gracey K 11 months ago+80

    One bear please.

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 11 months ago+38

    You cannot escape the Bear!

  • Joey the Sheetposter
    Joey the Sheetposter 11 months ago+32

    Looks like that guy is in for a grizzly end...

  • Matthewos Abebe
    Matthewos Abebe 11 months ago+36

    Oh god dammit YELLOWSTONE messed up again and released the beast.

  • Rodnexafla
    Rodnexafla 11 months ago+48

    What is the flavour of bear? I like the purple ones!

  • Mediocre Mindblowers
    Mediocre Mindblowers 11 months ago+51

    Bear is also the Trick!!

  • emaan chodry
    emaan chodry 11 months ago+11

    Didn't Putin make bears illegal?