The Ultimate Foil Ball (definitely clickbait)

  • Published on:  5/20/2018
  • This video definitely never might not, not be a clickbait on opposite day. See bloopers and BTS here: my book "how to write good" Launched New Official Store Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • Saieel Prabhu
    Saieel Prabhu a years ago+3741

    The amount of efforts and work they put in their videos is just phenomenal. No wonder their content is so much different and so much better than any other channel out there.

  • Mashimo
    Mashimo 10 months ago+3694

    Sees title of video says totally clickbait
    Meh maybe it isn’t clickbait
    Actually makes an ultimate foil ball
    I have been clickbaited, it says its clickbait

  • TheFinalEnemy
    TheFinalEnemy 10 months ago+1604

    Screw the tin foil ball, teach me how to make those contraptions!

  • How To dumbness !
    How To dumbness ! 11 months ago+2438

    I miss Sean already

  • NRY J
    NRY J 5 months ago+696

    Why is Ryan's channel not the most subscribed in YouTube?

  • Izzy
    Izzy a years ago+7033

    Ryan’s the only guy that can pull off a trend this late into the game. He could make a Gangnam style video and I’d be hyped for it.

  • dm ki vine
    dm ki vine 5 months ago+342

    you can't predict ending of nigahiga ( ryan higa ) video

  • EarvinC
    EarvinC 11 months ago+312

    The green ball makes a comback

  • Anonymous Girl
    Anonymous Girl 10 months ago+443


  • Commander Vander
    Commander Vander a years ago+348

    Does the song remind anyone else of a phineas and ferb song?

  • dat calculation tho
    dat calculation tho a years ago+9452

    The amount of effort he puts in his video tho..

  • Adam Gunmaster
    Adam Gunmaster 11 months ago+426

    Anyone watching after the goodbye Sean video

  • Jahdeen Kool
    Jahdeen Kool 11 months ago+51

    Morgz be like: NOT CLICKBAIT.
    Ryan be like: Definitely clickbait.

  • thesopha kave
    thesopha kave 4 months ago+104

    Thumbnail: ultimate foil ball
    Title: it's clickbait
    Me: It's Ryan Higa this is not clickbait

  • KIRBY the savage
    KIRBY the savage 9 months ago+65

    6:31 .. anyone noticed the 69k views?? Only me kk..

  • levitator45
    levitator45 a years ago+3634

    You can always trust nigahiga to make content that is truly amazing. He never disappoints. that tin foil contraption was sick

  • Ray Cai
    Ray Cai 2 months ago+23

    The 1.9 k dislikes are the people who didn't watch to the end

  • Ashlen Pandamanukum
    Ashlen Pandamanukum 28 days ago+11

    I’m a simple man
    I see a YouTuber putting (definitely click bait) in title I don’t click
    I see Ryan putting it in, I click

  • Haiseee
    Haiseee 2 days ago+1

    ryan has been doing this trend years before it came out
    in i dare you

  • Aqocolypse
    Aqocolypse a years ago+66

    So thats where the budget went, on tinfoil!! :D