NEW AirPods 2 Leaks, Release Date & Concept + 2019 Apple Hype!



  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  6 months ago+1666

    This concept to me makes a lot of sense, hope Apple does something similar! We'd appreciate a 👍, this was not easy to make!

    TRYzSHOT 6 months ago+2345

    Who else want AirPods but wanted the second version but now is waiting for the third version

  • Akward
    Akward 6 months ago+1392

    at the small price of 2000$

  • Mk Hwang
    Mk Hwang 6 months ago+626

    The AirPods 2 and 3 should have a tracker in each AirPod so that when you lose them you can still find it

  • ʍɛɖɨǟ օʄʄʟɨռɛ
    ʍɛɖɨǟ օʄʄʟɨռɛ 6 months ago+457

    airpod users: sorry, i dont speak broke
    airpod 2 users: lo siento, no hablo roto

  • Min Tram
    Min Tram 6 months ago+738

    Airpod 1 user: i don't speak broke
    Airpod 2 user: says nothing at all***

  • ItsIsaac
    ItsIsaac 6 months ago+1091

    airpods 2.0 < souijapods

  • Jiso」
    Jiso」 6 months ago+209

    i like how calm he was after he broke the screen of his thousand dollar iPhone lmao

  • CodeRedCody
    CodeRedCody 6 months ago+286

    Apple might actually be able to make a comeback in 2019 and be unique and innovative again

  • Pulse Heltic
    Pulse Heltic 6 months ago+125

    "Apple trying to make up for lost time, lost sales" - The Airpod meme just boosted their sales alone lol

  • Biggie Mcdeadass 54
    Biggie Mcdeadass 54 6 months ago+161

    Airpod 1 owner: im sorry i dont speak broke
    Airpod 2 owner: im sorry i dont speak broke
    Airpod 1 owner: im sorry i dont speak broke
    Airpod 2 owner: im sorry i dont speak broke
    cycle continues infinitely

  • Scott Champion
    Scott Champion 6 months ago+2212

    Didn’t expect a drop test in this video 👍😂😂

  • Serena Sethi
    Serena Sethi 6 months ago+39

    airpod users: sOrRy i dOnT sPeAk bRoKe
    airpod 2 users: hold my beer

  • Max Chan
    Max Chan 6 months ago+435

    2:26 is the best drop test i ever see😂 happen to fast’ so how?that screen ‘ to change a new iphone?or change the screen?

  • Zz. Adande
    Zz. Adande 6 months ago+85

    Awh yes cant wait to spend 300 dollars on my airpods 2 watching this with my airpods 1 on Hmmm

  • desperateboy
    desperateboy 6 months ago+42

    Swimming with airpods and noise cancelling would b perfect.

  • Shadow daffy
    Shadow daffy 6 months ago+31

    I was gonna buy AirPods but Best Buy didn’t have any in stock. I’ll take that as a sign to wait lol.

  • Adigun Olusola
    Adigun Olusola 6 months ago+30

    Once these come out the people with AirPods 1 will be asked "yoU sPEak bROke"

  • Mike_Zilla
    Mike_Zilla 6 months ago+115


  • Aryan
    Aryan 6 months ago+162

    Who else wants the new ones to come out so the og ones become cheaper :D