How to make CRISPY Chicken Katsu Curry with succulent beef - Japanese home cooked recipe

  • Published on:  4/5/2016
  • Chef Dai demonstrates how he makes CRISPY chicken katsu curry with succulent beef. Dai has been making this home style recipe for many years, both at home and for staff meals at his restaurant.
    Dai likes to serve his curry with fluffy steamed white rice, mixed salad, sweet pickles and, of course, the chunky crispy katsu on top!!!!
    This recipe is for 12 servings and uses the all of the instant curry blocks in the packet. Please adjust accordingly.
    "I always use the entire contents of the box in one go as any leftover curry will be fine to keep in the fridge for at least 10 days. Please ensure that the curry is left to cool, uncovered, before putting into the fridge in a container. Alternatively, the curry can be put into individual boxes and kept frozen in the freezer. They can then be thawed and warmed up. I love to eat cold curry with warm buttered toast or you can use the left over curry to make curry udon (I will make recipe video in the future)".
    White onions x 3 large or 4 small
    Potatoes x 3 large
    carrots x 3 large
    butter x 3 knobs (approx)
    cooking oil x 1 glug
    celery x 2 sticks
    beef x 500g (approx)
    *I would recommend using chuck as it has lots of connective tissue and fat, ideal for slow cooking. please note the beef in the video is not chuck
    red wine x 2 glugs (substitute with water for non - alcoholic alternative)
    water x check box for instructions plus 500 ml (slow cook your beef, veg and stock for at least 45 minutes, but longer if possible. Your beef will become more tender and your stock more flavourful)
    tomato puree x 1 tablespoon
    bay leaves x 3
    Instant curry blocks x entire box (240 grams)
    sweet apple x 1/4 (optional)
    instant coffee powder x 1 tea spoon (optional)
    milk x 2 glugs approx (optional)
    steamed white rice
    fukujinzuke pickles (optional)
    PORK KATSU x 1
    mixed salad and tomatoes x 1 handful (optional)

    Curry (カレ) is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is commonly served in three main forms: curry rice (カレーライス karē raisu, curry over rice), curry udon (curry over noodles), and curry bread (a curry-filled pastry). Curry rice is most commonly referred to simply as "karē" (カレ).
    Curry was introduced to Japan during the Meiji era (1868–1912) by the British, at a time when India was under the colonial rule of British Raj. The dish became popular and available for purchase in supermarkets and restaurants in the late 1960s. It has been adapted since its introduction to Japan, and is so widely consumed that it can be called a national dish.