Whale Cops - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures



  • Beau
    Beau 7 days ago+1663

    Has Karen written all over it

  • Sky Langille
    Sky Langille 7 days ago+640

    ma'am these whales are in international waters we can't do anything

  • jake manickam
    jake manickam 7 days ago+894

    And on that day. Killer whales were born.

  • duellegend71
    duellegend71 7 days ago+680

    That lady who called the cops seemed so distressed I bet she was WHALEING

  • Braden
    Braden 7 days ago+487

    *calls police on whales*
    The audacity of this Caucasity

  • cavv0667
    cavv0667 7 days ago+172

    A few years ago my Mom went on a vacation to Alaska. While there she took a tour out on the open water. Whales surrounded the boat and began swimming with it, breaching and in general just hamming it up... we're talking about dozens of whales. The captain was in tears 'cause he'd never seen this large or elaborate of a display before. No one panicked, and everyone was in awe of the event... they reached the shore without incident. Wish my Mom had had a camera with video capabilities; she's in her late 60's and NOT technology savvy in the least. :(

  • LBboarding b
    LBboarding b 7 days ago+335

    In Ontario, we had someone call the cops because they got woken up by an Amber Alert the other week......
    This is what the world has come to, merry Monday everyone

  • 1410MJEG
    1410MJEG 7 days ago+320

    Honestly thought the best part was Blaine's outro.

  • Green Green
    Green Green 7 days ago+319

    is this some kind of foreshadowing

  • Rift_ Burn
    Rift_ Burn 7 days ago+114

    If this ladies name wasn’t Karen ima be surprised

  • Kekkersboy
    Kekkersboy 7 days ago+141

    It's because the Whales were black.

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six 7 days ago+28

    "yes police there's birds outside of our office THEY'RE EVERYWHERE"
    Best part in my opinion 😂😂😂

  • Jacob Snow
    Jacob Snow 7 days ago+47

    Working at a PD I can confirm people have called the cops for the stupidest things. Anywhere from a cat in their driveway, to their washing machine broken

  • Jett Ufema
    Jett Ufema 7 days ago+24

    Blaine's " THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! " needs to be a quotable moment

  • Gas les gaming
    Gas les gaming 7 days ago+103

    Why wouldn't the lady appreciate The Amazing Orcas

  • Jake Dempsey
    Jake Dempsey 7 days ago+39

    Whale Cops versus the Experimental Dolphin in the ultimate RTAA showdown

  • FateGaming :D
    FateGaming :D 7 days ago+7

    Someone came in with a report of Orcanized Crime

  • Patrick Wandrey
    Patrick Wandrey 7 days ago+41

    10/10 would call police on a once in a lifetime encounter again.

  • Bobbadelic
    Bobbadelic 7 days ago+7

    That poor guy driving the boat

  • iamnuff1992
    iamnuff1992 7 days ago+30

    I guess calling the coast-guard is a good idea if you think you're going to be capsized or something, but jeez.