"The Belly Buster" BBQ Challenge

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!!The BELLY BUSTER!!! One of my favorite BBQ spots happened to have a menu idea called "The Belly Buster". Included are...- Texas BBQ Ribs- Baby Back Ribs- Brisket- Pulled Pork- Roasted Chicken- Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage- Baked Beans- Coleslaw- Cajun Fries- Mac & Cheese- Cornbread MuffinsENJOY!!!Follow me on Social!FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/megatoadTWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/mattstonieINSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/matt_stonieTWITCH - https://www.twitch.tv/mattstonieMERCH - http://mattstonie.bigcartel.com/Mailing Address:P.O. Box 22210San Jose, CA 95151Credits:Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music


  • EYE SO SERIOUS 3 months ago

    Delivery guy: “having a party?” *hands him the food*Matt Stonie: Yup....

  • ALF4 Moski 3 days ago

    WHO cares dude stoopid naruto fan

  • StxphenCxrryz 3 months ago

    *toothbrush* dam ima get myself killed today.*toilet* r you joking me* toilet paper* bruh

  • Daniella Yawson 9 minutes ago


  • Mr Scowl Face 25 days ago


  • El Ma 1 months ago

    Delivery guy: “such as nice guy, buying 75$ worth of food for his family”*Opens YouTube and see the same guy*Delivery guy: *wait a second*

  • Lock 41 15 days ago

    Lol good one

  • Daniel Mulomba 3 months ago

    Wow he’s actually enjoying his food for once👏👏👏👏🤣

  • kat fans an hour ago

    u should watch him eat indian curry, he seems more enjoy eating that

  • Yousef Noori 14 days ago

    @Akash Gupta 74.99

  • Jeff Carling 8 months ago

    Why do I keep watching there videos in the middle of the night...

  • Vxby 13 days ago

    @MilosBlyat your gonna gain weight if you eat at night bscause if you rest when your done eating then you are not working out or moving if you go to sleep.

  • Sima Dutta 13 days ago

    Because you're hungry

  • Doge is my pet 3 months ago

    Matt: “I should’ve worn a medium shirt for this video”Wait a second he eats all that crap and still wears a small

  • Cris Packet 12 days ago

    @Ku Klux Klan Head master the average height (I was wrong) of the American idiot sorry male, is 5'9". Exact same as the uk (where I'm from, and I'm 5'11")Don't talk shit.

  • Cris Packet Hell, my 14 year old son is 5’9 and he’s one of the shorter kids in his class

  • nickdon000 3 months ago

    Matt Stonie teaches us one thing...*TO NEVER WASTE A THING*

  • James Tally 10 days ago


  • alejandro estrada 13 days ago

    @AcidXGuruX he actually workout a person can eat more calories than this.

  • Nicolas Buie 4 months ago

    I wont lie. I started crying at how glorious the food looked. Now im hungry and gonna find something to eat.

  • Cris Packet 12 days ago

    Nicholas Blue you definitely did lie.

  • Ya Boi 29 days ago

    U gotta find a fridge filled w food, where it could be

  • Matt stone goes to the toilet toilet: Please dont i have a familyEdit:holy crap 467 likes

  • @Dont Mind Me matt *stone*

  • Meat to please you 8 days ago

    Dude you made me lol. Nice one

  • ~THE BELLY BUSTER~Matt stonie: you mean *SNACC* ?

  • bruh moment 3 days ago

    He proteccHe attaccBut most importantly He eat the belly buster for snacc

  • AlluFinGamer 27 days ago

    @Mtc Adriel : its with two ''c'' because it's a joke