FEEDING 500+ FISH!!! | The King of DIY

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • SlayZ
    SlayZ 26 days ago

    what kind of fish is Frank?

  • catherine arsenault
    catherine arsenault 28 days ago

    you shoud get a beta. it would be cute with the angels

  • Monica Robison
    Monica Robison 29 days ago

    So can you ship Frank babies to Flint?

  • Deathbrand Swinson
    Deathbrand Swinson 1 months ago

    Please get some snakeheads

  • countrygirlup1
    countrygirlup1 1 months ago

    Where do you get your frozen fish food from?

  • simo skikri
    simo skikri 1 months ago

    oscar fish is so gorgeous

  • Chase Carlson
    Chase Carlson 1 months ago

    Ive seen the black and white rays you have at the Chattanooga aquarium and they get HUGE. You may need a bigger tank in the future

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 1 months ago+2

    yo can i go fishing at your house

  • Al vin
    Al vin 1 months ago+1

    Please continue to make feeding video, so satisfying watching your videos , keep it up man! I'm your big fan from Malaysia

  • Neng Xiong
    Neng Xiong 1 months ago

    How do you prep your shrimps before feeding your fishes?

  • fakenuggets
    fakenuggets 1 months ago

    Those are some happy fish

  • just a lentil
    just a lentil 1 months ago

    little Francine got the leftovers

  • Polly Mills
    Polly Mills 1 months ago+1

    Frank 💓

  • Suliman 01
    Suliman 01 2 months ago+1

    you have very good collections of fishes.

  • Jesper Söderberg
    Jesper Söderberg 2 months ago+1

    The Discus tank is amazing!

  • Lollipop power
    Lollipop power 2 months ago+1

    what kind of fish is captain hook???

  • courtney
    courtney 2 months ago+2

    I love how excited you are in your vids😊 adorable and inspiring

  • Andreia Alves
    Andreia Alves 2 months ago

    Species of fish to the minute 3.15 ?

  • Aqua exhibits
    Aqua exhibits 2 months ago+1

    Hey you should Ship me your remaining discus and Angel's when you ready to split them up.

  • stickontheice
    stickontheice 2 months ago+1

    How much does it cost to feed your fish per month?