FEEDING 500+ FISH!!! | The King of DIY

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • CrazyNWildBaby 9 months ago

    Detroit? Are you going to see the Reptile Zoo that Brian Barczyk is opening?

  • Jade Kimmy 9 months ago

    Your going to go see the reptarium !!!!! and Brian of course.

  • Dustin Tinsley 9 months ago

    You're going to see Brian and the Repterium.

  • Kat Snow 9 months ago

    Brian Barczyk, I think thats how you spell his name. But that's gonna be awesome if it is him.

  • Benjamin Stephens 9 months ago

    Going to go see Brain and the new zoo!!! im hoping to make it there with my family!

  • Giovanni Mittino 9 months ago


  • Katelyn James 9 months ago

    It’s BRIAN!!!Oh man!! Joey and Brian are my two absolute favorites in the animal YouTube world that I watch every single upload for! And big confession: I don’t own any fish or reptiles 😬 I just love both of their channels!

  • Connor G. 9 months ago


  • Don’t flame Katz 9 months ago

    So when are you going to put that mermaid suit on? The coconut bra would look cute too

  • Cody C 9 months ago

    Brian barczyk at BHB Reptiles and I love the discus

  • Truthbetold 9 months ago

    Lmfao franks got a instagram and he got about 12k fans in a day that kinda upset me a lil bit...omg i died laughing