Where have we been?

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  a years ago+65136

    Love u guys

  • Cream Of The Crop
    Cream Of The Crop a years ago+206

    Ethan, It takes a real man to open up like that for your fans, especially when it comes to admitting things you might be ashamed of. As a fan, you and Hila have given me countless goofs, gaffs and laughs, and I'm genuinely happy when I see you two have uploaded a new video. Take as much time as you need to make your videos, the true fans will just be happy to know you're happy. I've been thoroughly enjoying your content for that past 4 years (first video was the "warm it up exe")and I have no intention of stopping. I love how much this channel has evolved over the years (including your podcast) and I wish you, Hila, and Shredder the best. Even if you don't ever see this comment (and it's highly likely you won't) I just wanted to send my love. Papa Bless

  • Istebrak
    Istebrak a years ago+658

    Travel some more Ethan. I really enjoyed your Israel video. It'd be really interesting to see you walking around Venice or Peru. DO IT! TRAVEL!

  • Mikhail Emilov
    Mikhail Emilov a years ago+864

    They were bizy doing seks

  • Henry Thomas
    Henry Thomas a years ago+132

    When you say you “disappeared” yet you still uploaded more than idubbz

  • JennaMarbles
    JennaMarbles a years ago+2116

    This is really cool and honest and brave of you Ethan, thanks for talking about it and keeping it real. It’s a weird space and a weird time but the fact that you can reflect on something like this and try to improve yourself and your quality of life is really admirable. Plus you have Hila, and she’s the literal best so. Congrats on little Shredder!

  • WolfBound
    WolfBound a years ago+119

    6:50 I guarantee you Ethan was thinking Hila was going to come out and say she was pregnant

  • Joe M
    Joe M a years ago+43

    When anyone just straight up says "I feel sad," that doesn't sound pathetic to me, it sounds honest. The pathetic ones are the people who would look down on you for that.

  • Harmonious Glooch
    Harmonious Glooch 11 months ago+60

    thankfully this vid got remastered

  • Launch Pad
    Launch Pad a years ago+61

    Even though you are THICC downstairs you're not that thicc upstairs. You a smart thot

  • BethanielThe3rd
    BethanielThe3rd a years ago+371

    Your fupa loss has started to negatively affect you. You are going through fupa withdrawal

  • Milo Kinkead
    Milo Kinkead a years ago+52

    lol this is the only non-cancerous comment section

  • jay
    jay a years ago+97

    god hila is so beautiful

    STUDIO OF SHRED a years ago+42

    and dealing with the lawsuit was also probably hella stressful

  • Tribal Artist
    Tribal Artist a years ago+26

    not a lot of youtubers can admit something this deep & personal

  • Murray Frost
    Murray Frost a years ago+1877

    I thought they were gona say they're pregnant.........

  • Crimix
    Crimix a years ago+47

    You guys are awesome! Your mental health and self image is more important to me than my entertainment, get better! LOVE YA GUYS!!!

  • Conner Macfarlane
    Conner Macfarlane 10 months ago+11

    Its sad to see that nearly a year on and he is still not okay. Just goes to show how powerful mental health can be, if i was to suggest something it would be working out more.
    Hope you get better sooner rather than later Ethan.

  • JB Fitness
    JB Fitness a years ago+53

    Thanks for opening up, I hope you are fully over the hole! If not, keep working on it! And that's an adorable, cute puppy.

  • Tin can
    Tin can a years ago+13

    Ethan and hilas new and only child 🐶