Japanese Vs. NY Cheesecake

  • Published on:  7/17/2019
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  • CandyCane =)
    CandyCane =) 1 months ago+178

    That girl kept saying how much she didn’t like NY cheesecake... but never stopped eating it 😂

  • Offthepost 1
    Offthepost 1 1 months ago+1523

    I don’t know why I watched this now I’m craving cheese cake
    Thanks for the likes I never new so many people where relatable
    Small YouTuber here just trying to get 100 subs

  • hawaiidispenser
    hawaiidispenser 1 months ago+1053

    Japanese food in general tends to be lighter, more subtle than American standard foods. Less fat, less sugar, fewer spices, etc. I like both styles of cuisine though!

  • Hammer Addiction4u
    Hammer Addiction4u 1 months ago+1228

    I question my entire existence
    I MUST TRY japanese cheesecake now

  • 臼井咲乃
    臼井咲乃 1 months ago+380

    Wtf I'm Japanese but the Ayaka girl is so...yeah
    I understand that you're not used to New York style but you could say at least something nice about it

  • Jason Rolf
    Jason Rolf 1 months ago+246

    That Ayaka girl was getting on my nerves ...

  • Victor EZ
    Victor EZ 1 months ago+805

    Whoever is reading this hope you become Rich and successful in life 🤩 Best regards from a small YouTuber 🤩

  • Leland
    Leland 1 months ago+163

    Most American desserts are waay too rich for Asian palates. I know I will enjoy the first 3 bites of the New York one more, but I am done after that, it's just too much. The Japanese one I can casually finish it and feel fine, although it might not be as mind-blowing at first.
    Different strokes for different folks.

  • Lil Mystique
    Lil Mystique 1 months ago+734

    🚫 Stop scrolling ✋
    You now have good luck for 7 days✨ łíké this comment lf u stopped scrolling
    (I make music btw. Tell me what u think 💯)

  • T'Asia Hall
    T'Asia Hall 21 days ago+21

    The New York dude made sure to get that last piece of Japanese Cheesecake😭😭😭

  • Meike Sophie
    Meike Sophie 1 months ago+310

    Wow they're really out there to recycle everything they've ever made

  • Jennifer Cortes
    Jennifer Cortes 1 months ago+116

    0:37 EXACTLY I agree with him so much. I hate anything else on my cheesecake

  • Kirk Pham
    Kirk Pham 1 months ago+118

    I have had both and I like NY cheesecake more

  • Steve Chung
    Steve Chung 1 months ago+170

    Japanese cheese cake is good, but it can never beat tiramisu cheesecake by Juniors

  • Gabriella Tims
    Gabriella Tims 1 months ago+25

    Is nobody going to talk about how the girl from New York looks like a girl version of Harry Potter 😂😂😂

  • Kimberlee Jay
    Kimberlee Jay 1 months ago+106

    Gadiel had to smell it to make sure it was Junior’s😂.
    Any New Yorkers?

  • truevpcool
    truevpcool 1 months ago+96

    Watching this video and craving cheesecake...
    2 minutes later
    Grabs a cherry cheese danish feel disappointed because it’s not a cheesecake 😭

  • Axel Valencia
    Axel Valencia 1 months ago+76

    The Japanese cheesecake looks more like a cake than a cheesecake, I never taste it before but I have seen a lot of videos and it looks like cake to me

  • Brian Jimenez
    Brian Jimenez 1 months ago+134

    I prefer a fluffy cheesecake, not the dense type. My favorite dessert is creme brulee.

  • Al Elric
    Al Elric 1 months ago+57

    I've never thought of it before but I'm gonna have to go with the New York style cheesecake. I get what Sara is saying. I don't like cake either and I prefer the New York one what with the creamy cheese and the graham base.
    The Japanese cheesecake is basically bread and I don't like the texture of cake soooo..
    New York style wins for me