LAST TO LAUGH WINS $10,000 (Silent Library Challenge)

  • Published on:  4/29/2019
  • Guava Juice, Shawn Wasabi, Jose, and Russell head to the library and do their best to try to silent library it up.➔ 👕 NEW MERCH!:➔ SUBSCRIBE:➔ 🥝CHECK OUT SHAWN WASABI:➔ SECRET WEBSITE!:➔ GUAVA TOYS:➔ GUAVA GAME FOR FREE!:!➔ GUAVA JUICE BOX:➔ MUSIC: Media! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ----------------------------------------------------------------➔ TWITTER:➔ INSTAGRAM:➔ FACEBOOK:➔ WANT A SHOUTOUT?┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ Thanks for reading the end of this description!


  • Phoenix Dunn
    Phoenix Dunn 3 months ago+364

    This Is How Many Times He Laughed

  • Alino〇 鬼 RRA GAMING 鬼 〇

    this is jose
    👟 one like = one save frome jose eating cinnamon

  • BananaBOSS Chavez
    BananaBOSS Chavez 3 months ago+111

    1 like for a prayer for roy

  • Crazy Gamers
    Crazy Gamers 3 months ago+21

    1 = like for licking shreks foot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • 영재영재
    영재영재 3 months ago+108

    roi how is marlin i miss him canyou to
    2 get back together smash the like if you want to

  • Papa Jake
    Papa Jake 3 months ago+111

    haha this challenge was so jokes I gotta try this!

  • Jerry K
    Jerry K 3 months ago+66

    Like I your an Filipino 🇵🇭😃

  • TheGaming Gamer
    TheGaming Gamer 3 months ago+32

    I cringed so hard when roi put his mouth ALL THE WAY IN THE FOOT

  • The unicorn girl Ladybug
    The unicorn girl Ladybug 3 months ago+61

    | how many times I laughed

  • Alice Stranger919
    Alice Stranger919 3 months ago+14


  • Gary Z
    Gary Z 3 months ago+9

    3:05 Im so curious that how did that toe taste?

  • ruben villegas
    ruben villegas 3 months ago+3

    This is one of the bestest videos Roi has done love it hope you do more videos like this

  • Uk Freight Spotter
    Uk Freight Spotter 3 months ago+123

    For the 1% of people that see this
    Your awesome 😉

  • Rong Cheng
    Rong Cheng 2 days ago

    I thought the goku shirt person was a fan of goku not dragon ball z

  • jimin chimchim
    jimin chimchim 3 months ago+14

    When you're laughing with no sounds!..😅😅

  • •Gacha Foodie•
    •Gacha Foodie• 3 months ago+12

    I Went at The Bathroom, BECAUSE OF THE FREAKIN' FOOT (consequence for Roi)

  • Lazy Dan
    Lazy Dan 3 months ago+14

    Wait for the balloon consequence Roi was on the other side of the table...he had no legs 6:07

  • Shamshad Fatima
    Shamshad Fatima 3 months ago+3

    I love you but I'm not able to buy the guava juice box cause I'm a Indian. I fell sad

  • ChiefNanez710
    ChiefNanez710 3 months ago+4

    Literally loudest silent library I've ever seen nd heard lmao😂😂💀💀🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Val Smith
    Val Smith 3 months ago+4

    I love the show silent library I also love Rois vids thumbs up if you agree