SML Movie: The Switch!

  • Published on:  9/5/2018
  • Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee Switch Positions for a Day!


  • This guy Dannyyy
    This guy Dannyyy 2 months ago+526

    What would you rather eat?
    Like = Pizza
    Reply = Burnt Pizza, and tell my Why?

  • Ayden Kizzie
    Ayden Kizzie 14 days ago+39

    1 like equals 1 frog

  • fire pro
    fire pro 6 months ago+852

    Name:Ali A
    Weakness:liking this comment that removes a piece of armor or health

  • Pkniko2009 Pkniko2009
    Pkniko2009 Pkniko2009 3 days ago+6

    I wonder how it feels like to switch bodys🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Bob the God of Memes
    Bob the God of Memes 3 months ago+9

    I stopped watching sml before this episode but now I'm gonna start binge watching all the episodes I missed. Wish me luck.

  • Jackie9 Kreutz
    Jackie9 Kreutz 7 days ago+6

    Junior is my favorite a I like him better than Jeffy I want more junior videos

  • Jason Voorhees vlogs & games

    I want to be mike from it 2017 and stanger things

  • Samantha Luster
    Samantha Luster 1 months ago+13

    💩 this is Chef Pee Pee

  • Unknown 2.0
    Unknown 2.0 11 months ago+394

    SML idea: Cooking school; Chef peepee have to go back to cooking school to renew his Expired chef license

  • Angel Beltran
    Angel Beltran 5 months ago+73

    6:48 Cody wishes he was the Mac and cheese

  • plants vs zombies pro
    plants vs zombies pro 4 months ago+10

    it would be cool if they swiched bodies and bowser , cody and joseph knew

  • Lance Batac
    Lance Batac 4 months ago+12

    This vid was realesed in my birth day sep. 5 i got a ps4

  • rednecks
    rednecks 7 months ago+12

    Oh my God you are so amazing whoever threw that your videos you're such a great YouTuber and I always laugh your videos

  • neil reichenbach
    neil reichenbach 11 months ago+801

    I will ad 1 more turtle for each like

  • XFir3
    XFir3 7 months ago+17

    Bowser: "that will hold him all right”
    BIG JR:

  • The king 225
    The king 225 14 days ago+4

    Thx for vids you make my life better

  • Gaming Jr
    Gaming Jr 6 months ago+8

    Do junior makes his own restaurant 🍜🍧🎂🍪☕️🥤🍾

  • Excellent Ethan
    Excellent Ethan 21 days ago+5

    The way Chef pee pee screams is hilarious like if you agree

  • Windows Infinite
    Windows Infinite 11 months ago+2205

    This is Cody’s mom
    1 like 100,000 extra pounds she gets

  • chippy J
    chippy J 2 months ago+2

    Dang I didn't know jr could roast people like that that was a real surprise also I like jr videos more but I have no problem with other videos I'm really glad one of my favorite channels glad you got your ads back love you guys keep up the good work