Saoirse Ronan Tries To Teach Stephen An Irish Accent



  • Ragd0ll
    Ragd0ll 2 years ago+7162

    Poor Saoirse, every show she goes on she has to do this bit.

  • Rachel B.
    Rachel B. a years ago+573

    For all you wondering: Eoin is pronounced the same as Owen, Cian is pronounced the same as Keane, Micheál is pronounced Mee*hawl*, Pádraig is pronounced *Paw*drig, Tomás is pronounced Tuh*mawss*, Darragh and Daragh are pronounced the same as Dara, Róisín is pronounced Roe-sheen, Aisling is pronounced the same as Ashling, Sinéad is pronounced Shin*aid*, Cathal is pronounced Caw*hil*, Fionn is pronounced Fyunn, Áine is pronounced *Aw*nyah (the N's pronounced like ñ is Spanish), Gráinne rhymes with Áine, Orlaith is pronounced the same as Orla, Eimear is proceed Eemuhr, Clodagh is pronounced Cloe-dah, Máire is pronounced *Moy*rah, Diarmuid is pronounced Deer-mid, Méabh is pronounced the same as Maeve, Ailbhe is pronounced Al-vah, Sorcha is pronounced Sore-sha, Sadhbh is pronounced Sive, Eabha is pronounced the same as Eva, Laoise is pronounced Lee-sha

  • Blackrew
    Blackrew a years ago+3474

    Her eyes are insanely beautiful

  • Caoimhe Randles
    Caoimhe Randles a years ago+235

    My name is Caoimhe! I feel depressed now. lol

  • Caoimhe Stevenson
    Caoimhe Stevenson a years ago+163

    lol my name is Caoimhe

  • Poison Kiss
    Poison Kiss 2 years ago+6318

    Now I want a 60 minute video of nothing but Irish names and how they are pronounced.

  • Apollo Holmes
    Apollo Holmes 12 hours ago

    Last name: Caoimhe
    That's my daughter's name.

  • IM Me
    IM Me 3 months ago+52

    Theres over a thousand accents in Ireland...her one is a middle Dublin accent

  • Ruth Ahern
    Ruth Ahern 21 days ago+10

    Remember when pronouncing a simple sentence as such as:
    "Come over here."
    You pronounce it as:
    "Come over hair."

  • cha mekke
    cha mekke a years ago+81

    Irish pronunciation does make sense according to Irish orthography. Most people in North America already know how to pronounce the name Seán ("shawn") - in Irish, the letter S is pronounced "sh" when it's next to an I or E, but as "s" everywhere else. So the "sh" sound in Siobhan shouldn't surprise people too much.. and when you see the name Saoirse, it begins to make sense that the first S is sounded like a "sh" while the second is "s". (I'm not going to get into vowel combinations like aoi, though, because it may make your brain hurt.)
    And the name Saoirse is beautiful - it means "freedom" in Irish Gaelic.

  • ZhangtheGreat
    ZhangtheGreat 3 years ago+1638

    "Americans love Irish people." Amazing how much things can change in 150 years, eh? =D

  • Pan Cadeusus
    Pan Cadeusus 7 months ago+3

    She is pretty as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!
    Actriz é muito maravilhoso e tem talento.

  • Arvid
    Arvid 2 months ago+8

    Wow the names are harder to pronounce than Indisch names! 😂

  • Naomi Meme
    Naomi Meme 7 months ago+5

    Omg her accent is so lovely I’m cry
    I saw her name and I pronounced it “sa-o-ir-SAH!!! Literally hahahahaha
    Now I know
    You go to hell Hahahaha mood

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres 3 months ago+26

    Her beauty is definitely there. Any one that’s blessed with good looks actually most of the time are horrible people. She’s really just a genuine kind person. That’s what makes her stunning!

  • Luca Lucente
    Luca Lucente 1 months ago+2

    What a beautiful lovely lady :-). Love from Italy.

  • Felix Weinlinger
    Felix Weinlinger 3 days ago

    These Names almost sound like German words, that's coming from an Austrian

  • Lena Schiffer
    Lena Schiffer 3 months ago+2

    Oisin Katie McGrath‘s dog lol 😍😂

  • Leona Rize
    Leona Rize 3 months ago+2

    i'm so glad saoirse kept her ethnic name and didn't change it to make it easier for others bc it's beautiful!!

  • كيفو Kivo
    كيفو Kivo 2 months ago+1

    I didn't love her until she speak adorable😍