• Twitch Moments
    Twitch Moments  1 months ago+96

    Is that a W for Clix??

  • TfueGtss
    TfueGtss 1 months ago+103

    Hi the person who's reading this comment hope u get anything you wish for! Hope u have a nice day!

  • Bogus
    Bogus 1 months ago+25

    They’re going in on it better than sym and brooke

  • Fuel Trivoxx
    Fuel Trivoxx 1 months ago+20

    she really sounds like violet for the incredibles

  • Sw1fty fn
    Sw1fty fn 1 months ago+12

    Lokey clix and sommerset are more instesting than Brooke and Mason

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 1 months ago+17

    It takes sym like a month for brook when clix takes 3 days

  • Danny Souki
    Danny Souki 1 months ago+8

    She loves him after the first day they met 😂 L

  • Tbso_ Snipez
    Tbso_ Snipez 1 months ago+11

    She so good at editing and building

  • Moritz Fabi
    Moritz Fabi 1 months ago+13

    omg i've never been that early😂 love ur vids

  • ImSoReckless YT
    ImSoReckless YT 1 months ago+71

    She wants that World Cup money 🐍

  • Khutso Maphoto
    Khutso Maphoto 1 months ago+2

    Guys she's 15
    Be safe, don't try it.

  • Xaitzx
    Xaitzx 1 months ago

    They're not actually dating

  • Jxvi
    Jxvi 1 months ago

    She said he’s so sweet he a friend to her that’s it

  • Just Carne
    Just Carne 1 months ago+8

    omg this is kinda cute

  • TheSommerSet
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  • Howtogame
    Howtogame 1 months ago+2

    She is a mobile player to

  • Josh.
    Josh. 1 months ago+17

    10:07 umm did she just moan a little bit or am I tripping