The Best of Roy Wood Jr. - Activism Boxes, Toys “R” Us & CP Time | The Daily Show



  • Andrew Cannon
    Andrew Cannon an hour ago

    Pay us what you owe us. Sure Ms. Jackson or is it Mrs. Jefferson. Let me pay you for what your rapist great great grandfather the slave master did. Sounds pretty fucking stupid to me. But hey, what do I know I got the white devil skin so I must be evil and racist.

  • Andrew Cannon
    Andrew Cannon an hour ago

    Yeah, fuck MLKs dream of a colorblind society. All whites are evil and need to go... All democrats do is feed division. MAGA!

  • HeyLexxxie
    HeyLexxxie 5 hours ago

    Imagine Herman Caine being Trumps VP

  • Curtis Ruffin
    Curtis Ruffin 7 hours ago

    “How did he know to target the school where the crisis actors attended “. Lmfao

  • SuperGorak
    SuperGorak yesterday

    these two black women running the scamming business better not come to Europe. They're gonna be taken for white women by a looooooooot of people over here. We have so many shades of skin color over here, most of the time we have to put two people together to figure out who's whiter, in order to determine the white person.

  • Justin Enright
    Justin Enright yesterday

    Wtf someone point me to a link to see that woman cage fighting

  • tokio sama
    tokio sama 3 days ago

    If every student has a gun there would be no school shooting

  • Léon Bott'ndr
    Léon Bott'ndr 3 days ago

    Nice example of black people being racists by "fighting racism" for the first clip. Gotta love those double standarts

  • dawgsmycopilot
    dawgsmycopilot 4 days ago

    He is not wrong about Toys R Us and a liquor license.

  • Rennyson Kay
    Rennyson Kay 4 days ago

    Hold up? Is Roy actually funnier than Trevor???!!>??^%?

  • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    KB toys was my shiiiiiiit, we had one at our local outlet mall right between Sears and Bookland.

  • Lexa Garvey
    Lexa Garvey 5 days ago

    that white lady was trying so hard to be better, I loved that segment. I was a little disheartened for the founders of "the safety pin box" only being about the money.

  • J Globetrotter
    J Globetrotter 5 days ago

    What incredible ignorance. The background check teachers have to pass is more rigorous than the one to buy a gun. It takes months and we have to get our fingerprints. To buy a gun, a person only needs their social security number and ID to prove they've never been convicted of a crime, where teachers have to show that their fingerprints are not connected with any. It's freaking expensive and takes ages to get a fingerprint check.

  • Sin City Quinn
    Sin City Quinn 6 days ago

    Racism is like a Jedi Mind Trick. Honestly, when Europeans went over to Africa and stole Africans other Africans should have killed them. When African countries found out about slavery in America they should have invaded America. There were plenty of wars that they could have sided with other Europeans, for the time being, and fought to get their people back. Since that did not happen, and we are where we are in this country now, Black people should stop giving racism attention. There will always be people who do not like black people. And the other way around. Instead of focusing on racism we need to start focusing on putting ourselves in positions of power in this country or go back to Africa. We are at a point where this needs to happen or we need to leave. As far as the people who will always be racist, fuck em. We can be racist too. Someone calls you a n****r call them a Neanderthal. Or a terrorist. Or whatever. Say it back to them. You can not let words like that control you. And you can not let the others using racism against you to control you. Now as far as the actions we need to do whatever it takes to put ourselves in positions of power and stop tap dancing for these white folks. Black people asking for Equality and asking to be human is putting us in a perpetual state of inferiority. If you had a million dollars on a table and it was yours would you ask someone else if you could take it? No. So why are you asking them to be equal? As long as you are asking you are putting them in a position of power. Because then they have the opportunity to say no. Just like if you asked someone to take your money, they would have the opportunity to say no. Because they want to keep it for themselves. You are giving them the power by asking for it. Fuck them. We need to make them understand that at the very least we are Equal. Stop asking for it. It’s not up to them.

  • Ngala Hansel
    Ngala Hansel 7 days ago

    The one about guns made me laugh hard. They are pushing for gun ownership but ironically didn't bring their own guns to the rally because of "safety concerns".That's so hilarious.

  • Pot Head
    Pot Head 8 days ago

    These dumb trump supporters are so dumb makes me more dumb than i am actually dumb

  • Fatma Said
    Fatma Said 10 days ago

    The crew is super cool

  • Michael Wiesner
    Michael Wiesner 17 days ago

    If you have at least 2 pieces of paper in a clear backpack you can hide a gun

  • Buttered Rollz
    Buttered Rollz 18 days ago

    That Safety Pin Box is the ishh. Come on. Pay up.

  • Andre Segarra
    Andre Segarra 18 days ago

    "Ask them how they want their Slavery coffee" YOOOOOOOOOO