The Best of Roy Wood Jr. - Activism Boxes, Toys “R” Us & CP Time | The Daily Show

  • Published on:  9/8/2018
  • The Daily Show celebrates some of Roy Wood Jr.’s finest coverage, from attending a pro-gun rally in Helena, Montana, to offering business tips to an ailing Toys “R” Us. Subscribe to The Daily Show: Follow The Daily Show:Twitter: full episodes of The Daily Show for free: Comedy Central:Twitter: The Daily Show:Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Carlton Banks 9 months ago

    This man is a black national treasure.

  • Jackie Montrose 4 months ago

    Suzanne Berry no one asked

  • Lynn Wilhoite 8 months ago

    He is a Comedic National Treasure who happens to be black!

  • RhodosGuard 9 months ago

    "Because Guns make people safe! That's why we didnt bring them today!" - this will go down in history as the best thing that ever happened. Period.

  • Dakadeezy 3 months ago

    I love guns but man that shit was great lmfao Roy Wood Jr is awesome for that

  • Joao Santos 3 months ago

    It took nerve. It was a total Borat move.

  • supernpstr 9 months ago

    NOOOOO IS ROY LEAVING AS WELL?!?!? HASAN was right daily show is an internship for Netflix

  • I love Roy!! 😂🤗😘🤣

  • Jairus Kersey 7 months ago

    Me too.

  • girlgreenivy 9 months ago

    Hope he's not leaving but wishing him the best if he's found a better place to be. As long as we keep seeing him on our screens

  • stephka 5 months ago

    i think they're just celebrating everyone, him and Desi are still around i think

  • Research0digo 6 months ago

    Hi, I've not kept up - did he leave TDS, where did he go? I really like the tall guy, too. He is hilarious.Thank you.

  • She said she a cage fighter😂😂😂😂

  • User name 9 months ago

    Last time *Best of Hassan Minaj*Next Day: Hassan LeftToday: *Best of Roy Wood Jr.**I am afraid for Tomorrow*

  • imanasaurus rex 8 months ago


  • n1ko 9 months ago

    Aditya Waghmare please No.

  • Phoenixplayz 2555 9 months ago

    They call it the best of Roy Wood Jr.I call it the best of the best

  • Rofid Rahmadi 3 months ago

    god damn it.. this BLACK BLACKITY BLACKEST are soo damn hilarious... laugh soo hard..

  • Erutanx7 9 months ago

    Even the best of him is not as funny as the rest of him.

  • Donny Ray 9 months ago

    If Roy is leaving it just means he's got a bigger stage opportunity. Keep it movin brotha 💯📈

  • Idowu Ibrahim 9 months ago

    I hope Roy ain't leaving yet