PRODUCE48 [1회] 첫 도전! 울림(러블리즈)과 WM(오마이걸)의 실력파 연습생!ㅣ울림김수윤, 권은비, 김소희, 김채원, WM이채연, 이승현, 조영인 180615 EP.1

  • Published on:  6/15/2018
  • [1회] 첫 도전! 울림(러블리즈)과 WM(오마이걸)의 실력파 연습생!ㅣ울림김수윤, 권은비, 김소희, 김채원, WM이채연, 이승현, 조영인[#1] 初挑戦!ウリム(Lovelyz)とWM(オーマイガール)の実力派練習生!ㅣwoollimキム・スユン、クォン・ウンビ、キム・ソヒ、キム・チェウォン、WMイ・チェヨン、イ・スンヒョン、チョ・ヨンイン2018년, 당신의 소녀에게 투표하라!국민 프로듀서님! 잘 부탁드립니다!매주 금요일 밤 11시 본/방/사/수ご視聴はスカパー!、Mnet Japan、Mnet Smartでお楽しみください。 프로듀스48 (PRODUCE48)Every Fri. 11pm (KST)- 프로듀스48 (PRODUCE48) 최신 클립 다시보기 :


  • nyeongan
    nyeongan a years ago+4147

    Eunbi and Chaeyeon are my favorites hope they debut.

  • keseii kim
    keseii kim a years ago+2018

    Them: Kwon Eunbi is the next Nation's Leader
    Woollim Stan: Kwon Eunbi is the next Mom of Woollim's new gg.

  • nyeongan
    nyeongan a years ago+1659

    I'm addicted to Woolim girls' performance. 😍

  • blaire
    blaire a years ago+1742

    Kwon Eunbi caught my attention. Her facial expressions, and how she danced. I'm lowkey inlove ❤Lee Chaeyeon's choreography/ freestyle was so good! She's so charismatic.

  • Marcella.y 5067
    Marcella.y 5067 a years ago+3020

    Woollim tradition: the oldest always the shortest

  • Majya Nguyen
    Majya Nguyen a years ago+787

    Lee Chayeon and Kwon Eunbi, let's debut!

  • princeyoungjae
    princeyoungjae a years ago+815

    Kwon Eunbi I'm ready to devote my whole life to you GOD I keep replaying the transition to bad and how her expression changes... what an absolute Queen

  • miahm
    miahm a years ago+474

    Still can't get over the way eunbi's facial expressions changed when they played bad asdfghjkl take my lunch money eunbi!!!!

  • Ace Moose
    Ace Moose a years ago+394

    Woolim girls and WM girls so amazing! I'm amaze by they performance😱😍

    WOOLLIM'S TRASH a years ago+244

    Even Bae Yoon Jung (?) Asked why they didn't debut yet, they're alr so good 😍 congrats and good luck girls ❤❤❤ unnies and dongsaeng 😂🌸

  • Lily Perez
    Lily Perez a years ago+145

    I hope that if Eunbi gets into the final lineup she will be the leader. She's really motherly. Also Chaeyeon!! I'm really protective of 16 contestants and she improved so much goddamn

  • Chuồng Của Le
    Chuồng Của Le a years ago+303

    Ah My ChaeYeonie TT

  • NaJaemin such a bias wrecker

    WOOLIM GIRLS FIGHTING!!!! Their different gaze when the cute concept change to girl crush soooo amazing ILOVE YOU GUYS FIGHTING!!!!!👊🔥

  • Na ya
    Na ya a years ago+210

    I dont know how many times I watch this video but still, i always falling in love with that Kwon Eunbi charm 😍

  • Gncd 2017
    Gncd 2017 a years ago+109

    Woollim girls are so pretty 😍💕💕

  • Joshua
    Joshua a years ago+122

    kweon eunbi looks like irene, just me?

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong a years ago+65

    Who is that Woollim trainee who looks like Irene?

  • carat soup
    carat soup a years ago+3369

    the transition for A-Choo to Bad by infinite will always be my favorite. literally my wig flew when i watched.

  • phuong thao tran
    phuong thao tran a years ago+82

    EUNBI and CHAEYEON are talent and beautiful. Their skills are very good❤❤❤ They have to debut😘😘😘

  • CjVistal14
    CjVistal14 a years ago+143

    Woollim babies are slaying y'all!!! 🔥🔥🔥 feel it with "bad"