DMing My Girlfriend's BEST FRIENDS.. - Challenge



  • •Nebula Spiral•
    •Nebula Spiral• 1 months ago+4290

    who wants my girlfriend dates my brother for 24 hours

  • Leslie Martinez
    Leslie Martinez 1 months ago+4799

    We are still waiting for “Letting my brother date my Girlfriend for 24 hours”

  • Kiara Suarez
    Kiara Suarez 1 months ago+1547

    no one:
    adi: whats up guys im adi fishman and you're watching aDi fiShMan

  • dannyo mc2005
    dannyo mc2005 1 months ago+973

    Roses are red
    The generals face is too
    If you like adi
    Make this blue

  • stevy gaming
    stevy gaming 1 months ago+572

    adi is acting like a girl getting her first txt from boy

  • yabriR zR
    yabriR zR 1 months ago+758

    99% of the comments will be your fans asking for "My brother dates Emily for 24 hours" video lol

  • Eder Danganan
    Eder Danganan 1 months ago+962

    Still waiting for
    "Letting my brother date my girlfriend for 24 hours challenge" :)

  • Mariah Vega
    Mariah Vega 1 months ago+442

    Still waiting for Emily to date Tal for 24 hours 😭

  • b r o k e n
    b r o k e n 1 months ago+2845

    i don't know who you are or what you're going through...
    but i hope you have an amazing day/night 💕

    LIL GAMER 1 months ago+276

    Adi:smash that like button
    Me: smashes that like button
    My dad: why is your ipad smashed???
    Me: --_____--

  • Jennifer Vera
    Jennifer Vera 1 months ago+368

    I can see right through Emily in the beginning.
    Emily ((in mind)): yeah...I regret this already...=-=
    Edit;TYSM For The Likes! Have a Blessed Week!

  • SpaceKatt
    SpaceKatt 1 months ago+445

    Bruh we are storming area 51.. I wish i can find a gf there..

  • Ericka Gonzales
    Ericka Gonzales 1 months ago+183

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments, I hope you will have a good day or night!

    DEXTROY FILMS 1 months ago+144

    *Gets one reply saying “hi”
    Adi: tHiS iS gEtTiNg InTeNsE!!
    Also The addics helped me get to 300 and they’re the best. I’m trying to get to 400 so you could sub...? You don’t have to though

  • Mimi Bashi
    Mimi Bashi 1 months ago+237

    Who else is waiting for "My Girlfriend Dates my Brother for 24 Hrs

  • Ava Marie
    Ava Marie 1 months ago+80

    i love how hes covering the names then saying them out loud 💀

  • Gacha Mangoシ
    Gacha Mangoシ 1 months ago+51

    This Is How Many Times They Both Said “That’s sus!”

  • Meredith Dunn
    Meredith Dunn 1 months ago+74

    no one:
    not a single soul:
    not even Tal:
    Adi when someone replies: YoOoOoOoO ShE rEsPoNdEd

  • _young_blood_ 000
    _young_blood_ 000 1 months ago+151

    Where is the "letting my brother date my girlfriend" video huh?
    Btw good video 🖤

  • TheCuber67
    TheCuber67 1 months ago+77

    Hey I’m adi fishman and your watching adi fishman!
    Ohh I thought I was watching Madonna sing.